Saturday, March 21, 2009

PhotoHunt: Yellow

Having just visited this amazing Country last November, this week's photohunt selection was pretty easy for me! I took this photo of the Flag of Spain (Bandera de España) while visiting the Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga. The castle is located above the Alcazaba high up on a hill where the winds blew strong allowing the flag to fly proudly!

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  1. Gosh that is a crisp photo. It even looks regal and proud in this shot! Nice choice.

  2. Hi Kathy, that's such a great photo of that beautiful flag. You were lucky to be there when they wind was blowing like that! Love your choice for the yellow theme.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend. Happy First Weekend of Spring! My Heels play later this afternoon and I hope they'll be advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. :)

  3. Very nice shot of the flag, Kathy.

  4. What a beautiful shot - the sky sets off the colou of the flag wonderfully!

  5. Wow - great photo for this week. :)

    I am having a quiet Sunday morning, tutoring a student from last year from my blog comments across to hers, and watching my cats sleeping.

    I just got an ipod touch at last, free by using my about to expire local plane frequent flyer points.

    I am playing with my apps. :) Love the koi pond. :)

  6. Gorgeous photo! Great choice for the theme this week.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments everyone!

    Barb, that flag does fly proud, doesn't it. And well it should be.

    Annie, with the high winds, I did wait until just the right moment to snap that photo so I could see the entire flag. Patience can be your friend when taking photos. Happy Spring day to you too! I saw the news that your Tar Heels are in to the Sweet 16, that's definitely SWEET! :) Whoo hoo!

    Candi, I really like that shot too! I even bought a Spanish Flag among other great things as a souvenir of my Spanish Adventure! Might be another post in the making! :)

    Jerry, thanks so much. Isn't the sky beautiful. I didn't even photoshop it or anything. That's how blue the sky really was and it was gorgeous.

    Leslie, how cool that you got an I-Touch. I have one too and it is fantastic. I added this application called Air Sharing that I learned from Roz and it allowed me to transfer documents and travel notes without have to redo it on the I-touch. You should get that too. I haven't heard of the Koi Pond? Will have to check it out!

    Girasoli, thanks for your comments. Unlike last week I actually had several options for this week, but I went with my proud Spanish Flag!

    Thanks again everyone and have a great Sunday!

  8. Sweet Sixteen, yes! And Ty Lawson (our hurt toe guy) was back and had a great game; we have no chance of winning an National Championship without him so what a relief to have him back and playing so well. Woo hoo!

    I'd love to see a post about your treasures from Spain. Didn't you buy a guitar or maybe you were just thinking about it?

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Oh, Maria the kitten caught her first mouse. She was so excited and proud of herself. She's a fearsome huntress now, ha ha. ;)

  9. Hi Annie, I think you may be right about Ty, so I am very happy that he is better and playing really well.

    Hey, and you're right, I did pick up an awesome Spanish Guitar while in Granada! Maria mentioned that her husband got one on their first trip and he said it was the best souvenir purchase. I own two already, but I just couldn't resist. I devoted a day during my Granada stay to purchasing my guitar. I love it and it sounds so beautiful. And I picked up some other wonderul souvenirs as well, not very expensive but something to remember my wonderful trip by!

    Oh, little Maria seems almost grown up now that she's caught her first mouse. :) Sounds like she may be prancing around all happy with herself. Well, good for her!

    I'm having a nice relaxing weekend. I thought I would work on my taxes but found other much more interesting things to do. I'm totally avoiding it since I'm pretty sure I'm not getting much back if anything. So I'm in no hurry. LOL!

    Have a great Sunday Annie!

  10. What a gorgeous shot, Kathy! I love the vivid colors and that oh so blue sky over Spain. Stunning. Great selection for the theme!

    Have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it, anyway)!

  11. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your comments. I lucked out with such a clear shot. And waiting for the wind to blow the flag out was worth it. I was so lucky to have great weather the entire time I was in Spain. That blue sky is incredible to me and it makes a perfect background for my Spanish Flag shot.

    Thanks again Maria! Hope you have a great Sunday evening!

  12. Such a clear photo -the colors are so crisp..nice choice, Trekcapri! menehune

  13. I'm a little late, but finally catching up on blogs. Great photo of the flag-the colors are wonderful!

  14. Hi M & Cindy, thanks so much for your comments. I love the colors on this photo too!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  15. Beautiful photo of a waving flag. I like this a lot because I did not even know that "la bandera de espana" looked like that.

    Maybe it is deliberate in my subconscious. :) Afterall, we were (Philippines) was under Spain for many, many years. LOL.

  16. Beautiful photo, Kathy! So crisp and the colours are so vivid!

  17. Hi Eden, thanks so much for your comments. If you ever get a chance you should check out a blogger on my sidebar called "Happy Slip" I found her blog 2 years ago on Mother's Day when I was surfing the net and I have been a great fan ever since. She's Filipino and very talented and has this very positive philosophy in life, which is a way that I try to live my own life as well. She creates these funny videos and is very popular in the YouTube world and amongst not just Asian Pacific Islanders but world wide. The hits on her videos are in the million range!

    Sandra, thank you so much for your comments. Sometimes when I look at that photo I'm still amazed at how blue the sky was when I took this shot. Just gorgeous...

  18. Hey Kathy, you probably already know but just in case you don't, AI is going to be Wed. and Thurs. this week because Obama is speaking tonight. I think they announced it last week on the show but I forgot! Fine with me, I love listening to Obama and it will give me one more day of anticipation for Motown Night (and give the contestants an extra day to practice)!

  19. Hi Annie, thanks so much for the FYI. I actually did forget about that! Well, I love listening to Obama but also was looking forward to Motown night! But that's cool I'll now have something great to watch on the tube threenights in a row now! :) Have a great evening Annie!

  20. Hi Kathy, I've chosen your blog to receive a fabulous blog award:

  21. Hi Candi, wow! Thanks so much! I just read your post and left you a comment. I think you have a fabulous blog and you are very deserving of a fabulous blog award for sure. I always enjoy reading your entries. You have a fabulous list and I'm going to have to work on my list too! :)

    Thank you so much again Candi! Have a great evening!


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