Thursday, March 26, 2009

AI Recap: Motown Night . . .

I have been looking forward to Motown night since last week! The Motown sound is as Founder Barry Gordy stated, music that is everlasting! It made superstars of such artists as the Supremes, Temptations, Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson! And it could make a superstar out of one of the remaining 10 American Idol contestants. And here’s how it went . . .

Matt sings Let’s Get it On! I loved the start of his song while playing the piano and sort of wished he continued with just he and the piano. All the judges liked him a lot and even called him a front runner in the competition. I have to agree.

Kris sings How Sweet it is! I thought it was good, but wasn’t really wow’d by it! I liked his performance better last week.

Scott, sang You Can’t hurry love by Diana Ross! I really like Scott from the very beginning and I think he plays the piano beautifully, but I don’t think he has the strongest vocals and it showed in his performance. I agreed with Simon that he picked the wrong song but I don’t agree that he played a hokey piano!

Megan sings For Once in My Life. I’ve been a big fan of hers from the beginning, but I did not like her performance at all! It was the wrong song and a terrible performance! I hope her fans keep her in because if she has the lowest vote, I know the save won’t be used on her.

Anoop sings Ooo Baby, Baby by the Miracles! What can I say but Ooo Baby, Baby! I totally loved it and was surprised that the judges weren’t exactly wow’d by it! I think Anoop totally did Smokey’s song justice! Great song choice and great performance! Yay for Annie's fellow Tar Heel! Go Heels!

Michael sings Too Proud to Beg! It’s not that he didn’t sing it well because I think that he did a good job. It just seemed ordinary for this stage of the competition.

Lil sings Heatwave! I love Lil, but there’s a part of me that wanted her to sing a slow song. I totally agree with Simon, that if she had sang something like I Heard it through the Grapevine, she could have totally blown us out of the Motown waters. I’m hoping the voters will keep Lil in the competition.

Adam sings Tracks of My Tears! His unplugged performance was totally awesome! I loved how he dressed in a suit, slicked back his hair and took his performance way down to show case his vocals and Smokey’s beautiful song. Tonight, Adam really demonstrated his creativeness, his range and his strength as an artist. Kind of reminds me of the Cool One!

Danny sings Get Ready! It’s not that easy to follow Adam, but I thought Danny did a great job with his performance. Although he had a so so review by the judges, I think he did enough to stay in the competition.

Alison sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone! The girl can sing! She has this rock, soul, blues kind of style and I thought her performance was totally awesome.

My standout performances of the night goes to Adam’s Tracks of My Tears, Alison’s Papa Was a Rolling Stone and Anoop’s Ooo Baby, Baby!

And that’s my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Good morning Kathy! Excellent recap. I enjoyed Motown night because those are such great classic songs.

    I thought Adam knocked it out of the park. Funny since I hated his country performance last week but was blown away by him this week. And I liked the new clean-cut hipster look! He just seemed head and shoulders above everyone else. I can see your comparison to the Cool One!

    My man Anoop did fine. Last night on the news, they showed some old footage of him from when he was about 9 years old. He was such a cute geeky little kid!

    Poor Megan. She actually sounded better when she sang for Smokey than she did on stage. I hope she squeaks through. I thought Smokey was a great mentor. Did you notice what beautiful blue eyes he has? I guess I'd never seen him that close up before.

    Anyway, here's my prediction for Bottom Three: Scott, Michael and Megan. Megan was probably the worst of the three last night, but I predict that one of the guys will be sent home. They weren't awful but were just kinda ordinary, as you said.

    Happy Thursday! Seems like this week is flying by!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your great recap too! As it stands, I think Adam would be the one contestant that the judges would use their one and only Save on in a heartbeat. He just has to stay in the competition! I bet Anoop was totally adorable as a 9 year old. I think he could be popularizing geekiness, although I thought Clay Aiken (at the beginning) was way more geeky looking. Anoop is cute.

    I was really surprised at how badly Megan did, not even her uniqueness helped last night. You're right. She did sound so much better in rehearsal. And yes I agree and did notice. Smokey has very beautiful eyes. And a beautiful voice to match. Did you see that movie with Queen Latifa (Last Holiday or something like that), where Smokey sang. I just saw the movie on Cable recently and was reminded of it. Can't wait for his performance tonight!

    I believe your bottom three is right! I like Scott so I hope he stays. But it may be time for Michael and Megan. Gets harder each week, I think. Because all the remaining contestants are all very good and talented and it all boils down to who can bring it each week. To me that would be Adam!

    Have a great day today Annie and thanks so much for your AI recap!

  3. Great comments Kathy and Annie! Did anyone else find Simon and Paula a bit distracting? So much for constructive comments.

    I agree that Adam was exceptionally great last night. I think I now have it down to: Danny, Allison and Adam in the end. Although I love Chris, Matt and Anoop (my fav), I don't think they are of the same caliber at the moment as the others.

    Looking forward to the results. Think Megan might be going...Menehune

  4. Hi M, sometimes I think Paula & Simon takes it a little too far when they are playing. And it can be distracting. Maybe one day they need to allow the contestants to judge them for a change. . . :)

    Interesting to read your top three! I don't think I have my top three yet. But I know that Adam is my favorite to make it to top three. I do have my top 5: Adam, Alison, Danny, Anoop, Matt, Lil! :)

    Tonight will be fun with Smokey and Stevie performing but it will be intense to hear the results!

    Thanks for you recap too M! Have a great day!

  5. Oops I have one too many! Well since I can't decide, I'll go with top six instead! :)

  6. I am also looking forward to the performers on tonight's show.

    Adam blew us both away last night, and good for him. I wish Danny had been stronger, but he is still probably my personal fave.

    I never warmed to Meghan's style, and after last night, I think she should be packing her bags. Simon is right that Michael probably does not have it to win, and last night did not help, but Meghan was the proverbial trainwreck IMHO.

  7. Kathy, I haven't seen that movie with Smokey. I'll have to google and put it in netflix. I like Queen L too.

    LOL at Marcia's "proverbial trainwreck" comment. I just have a hard time believing that a girl will go home tonight and leave only 2 out of 9 female contestants!

    Kathy, I hadn't thought about it but you are right..what's up with all the geeks from NC including Clay! At least we also have Daughtry who isn't geeky at all.

    I did not like Kellie Pickler and her whole "dumb Southern blonde" persona and was kinda embarrased that she was from NC. :) Anoop is a much better rep for the Tar Heel state. :)

    My Top Five: hard! Adam, Danny, Lil, Matt and....either Anoop or Alison. Although Chris could sneak thru too. He's not my personal fave but he is very talented and appealing. Maybe we should have a pool, LOL!

    And Menehune, I thought they were distracting too. And silly and annoying!

    Looking forward to the results tonight!

  8. Oh! I forgot to say that last night, when Matt sang "Let's Get it On" it reminded me so much of my trip to Venice when I walked into the church and they were playing that song (before the Joy Singers concert) and it cracked me up! That song will always take me back to Venice now. :)

    Have a great evening!

  9. Me again, sorry but I keep having more thoughts!

    I thought it was really weird when Simon told Megan that she was getting bad advice. I mean, wasn't he slamming the AI staff/handlers who coach and style all these contestants? I know they all have music coaches etc who help them. I just thought it was a very strange comment!

  10. Hi Girls, I'm typing this as I'm watching AI.

    I do agree with you Marica about Megan's trainwreck performance. I really do like her and I think she made the wrong choice in songs and had a really bad night. I think Adam and Danny are definite front runners. I think I give the edge to Adam but I also really like Danny. And Alison is my favorite girl performer!

    Annie, you'll really enjoy that movie! Yes, the guys are so much stronger this year and the girls seem to be dropping like flys! I'm hoping that Alison, Lil and Megan (although I think she should've been in the bottom three) can hang tough.

    I forgot that Clay was from NC too. He did improve his look throughout the competition though! I also wasn't a big fan of Kellie. I agree that Anoop is a better representative of the Tar Heel state by a mile! :)

    I agree totally with your top 5. I also agree with you about Kris. Of course I'm typing this as I'm watching the results show and now see that Kris is safe. And its' now between Matt & Michael. Yikes!
    We should do a pool! :)

    I totally thought about the Joy Singers and your experience watching them when I heard Matt sing Let's Get it On. I should've mentioned that on my post! That would've been cool. I'm sure you'll totally associate that song with the experience of watching them always. :) Some things are just unforgettable!

    Simon's remarks were kind of harsh, especially when we just saw a clip of Smokey saying some nice things about Megan! :) And you're right, AI have those great voice coaches and it was kind of slamming them. He should have just focused on her performance and not anyone else! Oh Well.

    Only a few more minutes now before I find out if it's Matt or Michael. Hopefully, it's Michael and not Matt. Stevie Wonder is totally jamming tonight with his Motown Melodies. He's so good!!

    Thanks again Marica & Annie for your recap comments. Whoo hoo....

  11. I'm sorry that I missed this -- I'm a huge Motown fan, and this sounds like it must have been a lot of fun.

    I really have to start paying attention to AI.

  12. Hi Sandra, you missed a great show, especially because Smokey was the Idol's mentor this week and there were a couple of excellent stand out performances by Idols like Adam and Alison. Next time we'll have to remind you! :)

    Thanks for your comments and have a great weekend!


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