Friday, March 27, 2009

AI Recap: Down to 9 . . . .

The shock of the night has to be Matt in the bottom three and Megan not in the bottom three! Everything else was pretty much expected! In the end, the Idol eliminated last night was Michael. From day one, Michael hasn’t been one of my favorites, but honestly I thought Megan’s performance was much weaker than his and she should’ve been the one to leave tonight. She's very lucky that her fans kept her in the competition!

I’m still not a big fan of making the eliminated Idol “sing” for their life in order to get the judge’s save. It just seems wrong to me. Nevertheless, Michael did his best and it sadly wasn't enough to get their save. At least this time the judges looked like they were actually doing some deliberating. I have a feeling they would’ve used it on Matt though.

And what can I say about Smokey and Stevie. They were awesome tonight! Motown at it’s best!

And that’s my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. Totally agree with you! It was an entertaining show at least - always surprises. I am a huge fan of Joss Stone but I thought the duet with Smokey Robinson was quite tedious. Kudos to this show for recreating itself and keeping us watching...there's always next week!

  2. Menehune - that was me.

  3. I agree, the performances last night were soooo awesome! So wonderful when Stevie said "I love you Barack Obama." :)

    And yes, Matt was a shocker. Not only that he was in the bottom three but also that Scott got more votes than him. I have to wonder if it's because Matt was the first to sing and maybe two hours later, people had forgotten how good he was? And wasn't Alison in that "sing first" spot last week when she ended up in the bottom three?

    I bet you're right that the judges would have saved Matt. As it was, Michael was very good-spirited about it all (I like his little joke about having to sing after Stevie!). Nice guy but not the best in this very strong group of guys!

    Even though it's probably not fair, I'm glad that Megan is still in it just because it's so interesting to see what she will do next!

    Great recap Kathy and Happy Friday to you!

  4. Hi M, I had not heard of Joss Stone before. She was very good. Part of me wanted Smokey to sing one of his Classics, but I still enjoyed their performance. And Stevie was awesome. Thanks so much for your recap comments M. Have a great day! Can't wait for next week!

    Annie, thanks so much for your recap too! I totally thought it was cool about what Stevie said. I had never thought about the first to sing factor. That's such a great observation. You're right, Alison was the first and she landed in the bottom three and now Matt. Both underserving of that distinction. We'll have to see what happens to the first person to sing next week!

    I like Megan too and she was really lucky that her fans voted for her. I agree that I am curious how she'll do next week. She needs to stick to songs that highlights her style. It was hard to see Michael go, but there can be only one Idol. He's such a nice guy, so I'm glad he did make top 10 for the Idol tour. I think it's going to get harder and harder each week now and next week will be interesting. I just can't wait to see what Adam does again! And of course they always seem to put him towards the end of the show. I'm sure the AI producers know that he's the show's big draw.
    Thanks again Annie. Have a great Friday too! Yay TGIF! And lucky me, I have Monday and Tuesday off. Monday is a local holiday here in Los Angeles. Cesar Chavez Holiday, which then moves my regular 9/80 day off to Tuesday! Whoo hoo!

  5. Not surprised (well, surprised by Matt being in the bottom 3) at the outcome and Michael was incredibly gracious about the boot. I truly believe he is happy enough to be going on the tour. And I really hope that Meghan, or whoever is giving her advice) takes this save as a gift, and seriously does something to change her up next week.

    And as for her not going home this week, at least we were spared having to hear her sing that song again.

  6. LOL again at Marcia, yes I am very glad we didn't have to hear Megan sing "For Once in My Life" again! Hearing Michael again wasn't bad at all, I actually thought he sounded better last night.

    Kathy, a four-day weekend, how awesome! I hope you have a great time. My Heels play tonight at 10 PM Eastern (a very late game for us on the East Coast). I am going to have to drink some coffee, I believe. Go Heels!

  7. Hi Maria, I must confess that I immediately thought of you when Megan was told she was safe! :) I did agree with you though that she did not perform well and was very surprised that she didn't even land in the bottom three. Very surprising. I also LOL on your comment about not having to hear her sing that song again. I would have to agree with you on that too. I like her but that song wasn't right for her and she didn't sing it very well. Michael was definitely a class act. And I am so happy for him that he is part of the AI Tour and maybe hopefully something very positive will happen for his career.

    Thanks for your AI recap comments Marcia! Have a great weekend!

  8. Oops, I'm so sorry, I meant to write Marcia! I've now did the wrong name thing twice already. My apologies! I must have Maria on my mind too.

    Thanks again Marcia! Can't wait for next week!

  9. Hi Annie, best of luck to your heels tonight! I bet you'll have no problem staying up with or without your caffiene fix. I'm finding these NCAA games pretty exciting to watch myself.

    Enjoy the game and have a great weekend too!

  10. Hi Kathy,
    Have not been keeping up with AI but did see Prince on Jay Leno the other night. I just caught the tail end. Did you happen to see him? If not, you might be able to find the clip on YouTube or maybe even I think he was singing one of the songs from his new album.

  11. Hi Girasoli, I totally missed the Cool One's Jay Leno performance. My friend called me about tonight's three part concert and although we both have other plans we were willing to blow it off to try to see one of his concerts but sadly we weren't able to score tickets....I heard that tickets sold out so fast. I'm on his LotusFlower e-mail list and saw that there were still some tickets left to see him on Jay Leno but I just had a scheduling conflict. Major bummer! I have a suspecion that if his three concerts today goes well that he'll take his show on the road again which we can go. Last time he went on tour we managed to go to three of his concerts. One in LA, the others in San Diego and Las Vegas... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the FYI on the Leno show performance, I'll go see if anyone posted it on Youtube yet and if it is still up?

    Thanks again and have a great weekend. Hope you're feeing better!


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