Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI Recap: The 13 Compete . . .

So this is it! The 13 compete for their American Idol lives. Simon breaks the news that 2 contestants will be sent home in this first round! I knew it!

The theme is Michael Jackson songs and Lil Rounds starts off with a good performance. I'm not sure why, but I sort of had higher expectations for her and I agree a bit with Simon. Still she was awesome. Scott did really well and it was great to see him play the piano. Danny was also great as usual and I liked his high energy. Very soulful. Michael sang pretty good and I liked that he really put his heart into his performance.

I thought Jasmine sang I'll Be There fairly well, but I do feel like she's still a little nervous and is so much better than what we're seeing in her performances so far. Kris played his guitar which was cool, but I'm still not as high on him as maybe let's say rambling Paula! :) Dang Alison totally rocks! She has a combination of soul AND rock! And for only being 16 years old, she has great stage presence. She kind of reminds me of Rocker Nurse Amanda from last season!

Anoop Dawg...I really love him but wow did he pick the wrong song to sing. He's so good with R&B soulful songs, I'm so surprised he picked Beat It. Anoop is very talented and so I hope all the Tar Heel fans in North Carolina got on their speed dials to keep Anoop in the competition!

I thought Jorge sang Never Can Say Goodbye well and was surprised that he received some bad reviews from the judges. So I'm hoping the fans vote and keep him in the competition. Megan sang Rocking Robin and the judges didn't like it. In fact, Simon hated it! But it's so funny because I actually liked it! She has her own style and is unique. And I think it is so cool how she expresses how much she loves her little boy. Being a young single mom can't be easy. I really like her.

Piano playing Matt sings Human Nature and was very good! He seems so comfortable (just like Scott) behind the piano. And he does remind me of Justin Timberlake! Alexis sings Dirty Diana and although she has a really cute daughter, sings very well and is one of my favorites, it wasn't my favorite performance from her.

And saving the best for last! Adam explodes on stage with his performance of Jackson's song, Black & White. I actually think his version could be a hit single if he recorded it right now! As far as I'm concerned Adam upstaged everyone and after tonight's performance I think he is clearly in the lead! Right song, great performance and outstanding stage presence! I'm definitely downloading this on i-Tunes! :)

My two most standout performances: Adam and Alison! There were more but these are my number one standouts!

And that's my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap Kathy!

    Poor Anoop! Actually I didn't think it was as bad as the judges did but he definitely got outsung by many others. I have a feeling he will go home tonight - bummer!

    I also thought Jorge was better than the judges did. I really am not sure who should go home but it seems that the judges came down the hardest on Anoop and Jorge (and America often votes with Simon). But I wonder what this surprise is about the voting?

    Overall, I'm impressed with the talent level in this group. You are right, Adam was heads and shoulders above the rest. He's so polished and professional, he almost seems out of place on AI.

    I thought Danny was great - lots of soul in his song. And I thought Megan's song choice was strange but hey, she made it work.

    Right now, my favorite girls are Lil Rounds and Megan. Favorite guys are Anoop (sentimental fave) and Danny. I was very impressed with piano playing Matt last night too, first time he really made an impression on me.

    Thanks for the recap and I can't wait to see what happens tonight!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say LOL about "rambling Paula." She was on a roll last night, wasn't she?

  3. Would you believe I feel asleep just long enough to miss Adam's song?! Apparently, he seemed to be the 'best'...I am wondering what the judges' twist will be -- I hope it's not that they get to vote too. I certainly think that will drastically change the flavor of the show....menehune

  4. Hi Girls, AI is definitely in full on Whoo hoo mode.

    Annie, I felt so bad for Anoop! And I am really crossing my fingers that he got enough votes to keep him in the competition but that last comment by Simon about regretting putting him in as the 13th contestant could hurt his chances. Why did Ryan have to ask that question! Same for Jorge too, I'm hoping the votes keep them in. Like flygirl mentioned I think the twist could be that the judges may have some say so in who stays and who goes. I've been "iffy" about Adam but now I really like him and maybe even more than Danny! And I also like Lil and Megan a lot. Alison is so far my favorite female. I really like Piano playing Matt a lot too. And I'm glad you LOL with my Paula comment. She really was on a roll! It's funny when she announces that she's going to say something and then she totally blanks out. And did you see how upset Kris' wife was when Simon made that comment about showing the wife too early in the compeition! Wow, Simon should try to keep "some" of his personal comments to himself or better yet just whisper it to Paula! :)

    Flygirl, sorry you fell asleep before Adam's performance. It was fantastic. But the good news is I'm sure he'll be back next week! :) Annie was just wondering about the surprise twist tonight. I'm also guessing that the change is that the judges will have a say so in who continues on in the competition which I agree will totally change the entire show. It's like why even vote when a judge could override the decision. It really defeats the purpose of voting.

    Last night was fun and I'm going to be very interested in the results tonight and in the new "twist". I'm not sure who will leave tonight! I just hope my favorites stay in!

    Thanks for your recaps Annie & Flygirl! Have a great day!

  5. I saw AI last night up until Jorge sang and then was interrupted by a phone call. Luckily I set up the DVR so I'll be watching the rest later. I love reading your opinions and recaps of the show. My memory must be fading a bit because I can't put together faces with songs. Maybe I should go watch the rest of the show before tonight.

    Have a great Wednesday, Kathy!

  6. Hi Maria, that's so great that you were able to catch Jorge sing? It's too bad the judges didn't like him. I'm hoping the fans will keep him in the competition because I really like him. I'm glad that you had the DVR running because there were some pretty good performances that went on after Jorge sang.

    I had a hard time remembering the names too at first when there were so many contestants but I think I finally have them all. Well, except I keep forgetting Michael's name for some reason.

    I'm so happy you caught the show Maria! Hope you have a great evening tonight!

  7. Hi again, I googled today and there are all kinds of crazy theories about what the voting "twist" is going to be. So now I am so curious and 9 PM can't get here soon enough!

    Do you ever look at the website Dial Idol? They make predictions based on the busy signals on the phone liness, and they predict that Anoop will be safe!

    Oh yes, that comment about the wife was so wild! Simon! I love him but it was just so cynical, like people are only going to vote for single guys? The wife did not look very happy, LOL>

    Have a good evening Kathy!

  8. Hi Annie, that is very interesting about the phone lines. I had not heard of that before

    Oh I really hope they are right about Anoop! I really hope the twist isn't a sing off again! That was bad.

    And Simon had the biggest grin after too. Part of me enjoys how he can get the other judges riled up:)

    I can't wait to see what the twist is and I hope None of my favorites gets eliminated! Have a great evening too Annie and enjoy the show!


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