Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So where to next . . .

Italy or . . . . !

I was just looking at my Future Travel short list this morning and my eyes became not only fixed on my Italy places to see but also surprisingly on Ireland and Scotland! Go figure!

Just thinking . . .


  1. Woo hoo, let the thinking/planning begin!

    The dollar is much better than it was as far as the UK and Scotland/Ireland go. I've been thinking about a return to London myself.

    Love looking at your Wish List!

  2. Me again.


    Wanted to let you know that TN Chick has posted all the Photo Hunt themes for the rest of this year. I printed the list out so I can be thinking/shooting etc.

  3. Hi Annie, hey I didn't know you were thinking of going to London? Very cool! At first I was thinking that the economy is so bad that maybe I should skip this year altogether but the pound is rather weak and the UK/Scotland/Ireland is looking more affordable at least for now so I was thinking well Why Not! My motto is never put things off. And I just don't think the economy will get better anytime soon and am I going to waste all these years waiting. Hell no! I'll just be more diligent in saving in my daily life (ordering movies on Netflix, rather than spending so much at the theatre, brown bagging my lunch, etc). I say you only live once so might as well do what you love doing!

    Were you thinking of London this year? I love London too, great city. Remember my best list, I had the best meal in a French Restaurant in London after seeing a musical play! I just recently saw this photo album on ST about Ireland and I was like wow! So this morning I looked at my list (glad you liked it), and thought Hmmmm!

    Whoo hoo is right! I'll be very interested on hearing more about your plans Annie!

    Thanks for giving me the link for the 2009 themes. I have to work on my choice and schedule my photo for this week because I have my B2V race this weekend so I'll be in Sin City (Vegas). But it's not all play, we'll be up for 24 hours and the only time we'll really get to party will be Sunday after the race. Should be challenging and fun at the same time! :)

    Thanks again Annie and have a great day today!

  4. Kathy,
    I was just looking at you future travel plans, we have a lot in common on where we want to go. You know the dollar is doing much better, so maybe UK is in order. Bill would love to go to the UK again, Scotland would be a dream come true to him. I can't wait to hear Deborah's reflections for Scotland.
    Woo-Hoo, let the planning begin!

  5. Good luck with your B2V race and I hope you have a great time in Vegas (Sin City)! Up for 24 hours sounds pretty intense but I know you are up for it!

    You know, I've had the same thought about skipping a trip this year. You are right though, we shouldn't let the economy stop us from doing what we love. I've also been thinking about maybe taking a couple of shorter trips instead of one long one. That's where London comes in - there is a very quick direct flight from Raleigh to London (and I've got frequent flier miles I need to use that could get me on that flight). And with the dollar/pound looking so good, it might be time to go...

    I've been to London twice but only for short visits - I've barely scratched the surface. But really, I don't know yet. I don't usually decide until summer since I travel in late fall or early winter. Come summer, I may realize that I can't skip Venice for a year, who knows?!

    Ireland and Scotland sound wonderful - everyone I've known who has been to either place just falls in love.

    There was a really cute interview with Anoop in the paper today. He said that he is a HUGE Tar Heel basketball fan and the hardest thing about being on AI is having to watch the games on TV in LA instead of being in Chapel Hill! He said that he watched the Duke game and paced the hotel room floor the entire game! Really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing him and the 12 others tonight!

  6. What a great list, Kathy! Love seeing all the places you've been and where you want to go and return to. Ireland and Scotland sounds fabulous! I think Deborah is headed there this year.

    We’re in the poorhouse for a while now with no travel plans in the near future. I'm going to look at home sitting and home exchanges in Italy to see if there's anything that would work for us.

    Have fun on the B2V race!

  7. Hi Candi, how interesting that you and your husband want to travel to similar places too. I read a post from Slow Europe a website that is run by Pauline who founded Slow Travel and she wrote about how visiting the UK is much more affordable these days than they ever have been. It hasn't been this way in years! So maybe the UK/Ireland/Scotland is a great destination right now. I have also been keeping my eye on Deborah's posts and blog about her trip to Scotland. She has great travel tastes too so I'm sure her perspective will be excellent! I can't wait to hear about her trip. Whoo-Hoo is right! I have a couple of books already on both Ireland and Scotland and will start reading. I love the pre-trip research! I still haven't ruled out Italy too:)...

    Thanks for your comments Candi and have a great evening! (BTW, I've been reading your trip planning to Thailand with great interest.)

  8. Hi Annie, thanks for your kind comments. We're leaving early on Friday so we can rest as much as we can. Hopefully, we'll be able to last all of Saturday and into Sunday!

    I am such a firm believer in living each day to the fullest! London would be a nice quick trip for you and I totally think you should do it! You would have a great time because it is such a fun city! Even better that you have FF miles. If that's the case, you should do Venice too. I never travel enough to get FF miles. I was just saying to Candi that the ratio between the dollar and pound has not been this good for as long as I can remember and Pauline wrote a post about it too. I've been to London twice too but I think the longest stay was only 4 days before I joined my tour group.

    Yes, I have been wanting to visit Ireland and Scotland for such a long time and this might be the year! :) I tend to fall in love with everyplace that I visit so I'm sure I'll fall in love with Ireland/Scotland too! He, he!

    Cool that Anoop was intereviewed! Somehow I knew he would be watching that game! Glad to hear that he managed to find the time to do it. I'm sure they've been busy rehearsing for tonight! Ooooh I can't wait. Whoo hoo! We'll recap tomorrow! :) I don't think that Danny G has a for sure lock on this competition. Adam is good and Anoop I'm sure will be good . . . And then there are the girls too! Lil, Alison, and Alexis. The boys are stronger this years but the few girls that are in are fantastic! This is going to be so good tonight!

    Thanks Annie and have a great evening . Enjoy AI tonight!

  9. Hi Maria, glad you liked my list. I have been wanting to visit Ireland and Scotland for a long time but the dollar was so weak against the pound. I have also been keeping tabs on Deborah's trip and I can't wait to hear about her experiences! I still haven't ruled out Italy but the timing might be right for Ireland/Scotland! And sometimes timing can be everything.

    I read some good things about home sitting and home exchanges. That sounds pretty cool!

    Thanks for your comments, I'm sure after all the hard work, we'll be able to enjoy ourselves and have fun at the celebration party they have planned for us on Sunday!

    Have a great Evening Maria and thanks for your comments!

  10. Kathy, we've been thinking of Ireland as a short excursion from Italy next summer--just for a week. I've invested in a book to begin reading. We shall see. Since we're going to Morocco it is probable that we can't do both--even with the $ doing better. Dollar is better but the economy is wrecking the financial picture.

    England sounds good--maybe we'll pull Casey out of school, home school him and go around the world! :) Now that is wishful thinking!

    Have fun thinking and planning.

  11. Hi Jane, Morocco sounds awesome! And I remember Casey being quite excited about going there. I have been reading Maria's blog and from what I'm reading about their experiences there, Morocco sounds like a fantastic place to visit!

    There are just so many wonderful places to visit and it is so hard to choose.

    That would be nice to travel around the world like that. What better education than that. History, culture, friends you make along the way . . . travel has many things to offer.

    I'm really looking forward to reading about your summer trip!

    Thanks for your comments Jane and have a great day!

  12. Hi Kathy, I love your future travel page, great idea! We also have a few short-listed places in common. I'd love to go back to London, it is such a cool city and now that the pound is so soft, it could be the perfect time!

    I've never visited Ireland, even though my father is from there. I've been trying to get my Irish passport, but they keep sending me more forms to fill out, or demanding more information. I don't need an Irish passport, of course, to travel there, but I have them linked in my mind!

    I'd also like to go back to Turkey and Croatia is high on my list of places to see.

    I agree with your philosophy of making the most of every day and firmly believe that life's too short to put things off.

  13. Hi Sandra, glad you liked my Future Travel List. I also love London too. The people are so friendly and there is so much to see and do especially if you love theatre.

    I would also like to one day visit Croatia and Turkey also (so many places to see). Maybe if I do end up visiting Ireland, I can give you a nudge to visit there too.I think that is cool that your father is from Ireland and you will be getting a passport from Ireland. That would be very cool to visit Ireland with an Irish passport.

    And I totally agree about doing the things we love to do and also going to the places that we love. Just don't put things off.

    Thanks for your comments Sandra. Have a great evening!

  14. I like the way you organized all the places you have been. I have written a similar list of places in Italy but after looking at your list, I want to add the other countries and want to add the years. I am envious that you have been to Liechtenstein. I have wanted to go there (mostly just to say I have been). What was it like?

    You have a lot of great places on your new places list. Tough choice! My close friends from Massachusetts and their extended families are all going to Irelend this summer. I am curious to hear their reaction. They went to Italy with some planning help from me a few years ago and loved it! My sister enjoyed Scotland a few years ago. Have fun planning :)


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