Thursday, March 12, 2009

The First and Second to Go . . .

I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually fell asleep right after Ryan announced the new rule change on American Idol's results show last night. I know, I can't even believe it myself.

I was worried that the new twist was going to drastically change the whole concept of the show by allowing the judges to have the final decision after America voted. The new rule is this: It is a one time only "save" that the judges can exercise on an eliminated Idol if they disagree with the voting results. Past surprise eliminated idols such as Daughtery, Tamara Gray and Michael Johns inspired this new rule. When the judges agree to use the save, no one will be eliminated that night and everyone moves on. As it turns out, the rule isn't so bad and I actually like it. Whew!

The hardest part of watching AI, is seeing each contestant leave the show especially after you get to know them by all the clips showing their family, listening to their hopes and dreams and then watching them perform their hearts out on stage. Last night (although I missed it), fans wastched two great singers and individuals leave the show, Jorge and Jasmine. But they are young and very talented and I think they will continue to grow and hopefully become successful as artists.

I was also very glad to read that Anoop made it, especially because I think he was really at risk. I'm sure that everyone in NC are thrilled! I read that they had Anoop and Jorge as the final two, when announcing the 2nd contestant to be eliminated and that must have been very intense to watch....Annie how was it? I think that would have been tough for me to watch since I like them both, sometimes I guess it pays to doze off! :)

So I'm not writing this as an AI Recap, because I was in snooze mode! Next time I'll remember to record the show and watch it so I can do a legitimate recap!


  1. Oh I am so thankful for your recap. I was gone to the airport last night and missed everything. I appreciate all the news on the twist. Now I can go on with my day. Thank you.

  2. Hi Barb, I didn't realize that you watch Idol also. That is very cool. Glad you liked the information on the Twist. I think we were worried that the twist was going to somehow change the "spirit" of the show by taking the voting decision out of the hands of the public, but what it really will do is keep an idol in that deserves to stay in. The votes can sometimes be by popularity rather than merit and so I agree with the new rule. Thanks for your comments and have a great day Barb!

  3. I don't think I've been this engrossed in a reality show (except for Amazing Race) for quite awhile. I, like you, find it hard to watch the eliminated singers leave when you feel emotionally vested in them (can't believe I'm typing this!)..Anyway, I'm still undecided about whether the judges should have any 'verdict' in this...their rationale about past singers was well - irrational to me. Their examples of Daughtry and Hudson - where would they be now? I'm mean, really? The idea that these singers are given national exposure is huge IF they have the talent for singing. So, I'm not sure I want the judges to choose who stays -- even if it's only for a few shows. I know my eyebrows raised with their comments that Megan is the total package. I mean kudos to her for what she has - but a great voice - not so sure. Makes me wonder who has the power to make people a star these days....just wonderin'.menehune

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Don't be embarassed, I fall asleep in front of the TV all the time. When you're tired, you're tired! And really, you didn't miss a whole lot.

    The Jorge/Anoop thing was kinda intense because they dragged it out through two commercial breaks AND Kelly Clarkson's performance before we knew which of them was going home.

    Then Jorge sang again and then he got the "verdict" that the judges were not going to save him. I felt sorry for him because Simon was pretty short (I think they were running out of time). When Randy gave Jasmine the news that they had decided not to save her, he said a few nice words. She was crying and I felt sorry for her too.

    While I am very happy that Anoop survived, I did feel bad for the others. And I agree with you that the new rule is a pretty good one since it could save someone like Jennifer Hudson or Chris Daughtry.

    But they can only use it one time - that is a pretty wild twist right there! It will be very interesting to see if they use it at all and for who. They can only use it up until the Top Five, I think.

    This is pretty funny - I'm sitting in my cube typing this and I can hear people out in the hall talking about Idol and how much they love Anoop!! LOL. Just heard someone say "Simon is mean" and someone else said, "I love him." LOLOL

    Hope you're having a good day!

  5. Kathy, you're in good company, I fall asleep all the time in front of the TV.

    While watching last night I realized that I'm not going to be able to watch the elimination process. My eyes swelled with tears when I saw Jasmine and Jorge eliminated, especially when she was sent home. I'll read your recaps and Annie's but I get too involved and think of the kids as if they were my own. Silly me.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Hi girls, thanks for your recap comments (especially since I missed 98% of the show last night)!

    M, I also enjoy the Amazing Race too! I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the episodes this season, but I have been a dedicated viewer on past shows. Maybe it’s time I check it out again. As for AI, the show does grow on you and you do get vested like you said on the contestants making it difficult to see them leave. You raised some really good points on the show and I can appreciate your views on the new rule. It is interesting to ponder what and who has the power to make people stars. It will be interesting to see what happens when the “save” is used and then how/if it will change things for these idols.

    Annie, thanks for the comments. I’m not sure what happened. One minute I was learning about the new rule and the next thing I know my alarm goes off! Yikes, I guess I was a tad tired yesterday! Oh, so they have them sing their song and then get their verdict about the save! Wow! Poor Jorge to have Simon be the one to deliver the news, not the most subtle and gentle messenger. I feel bad for Jorge too because he really seems like such a genuinely nice guy and the same for Jasmine. I think I would’ve felt bad watching both Jorge and Jasmine get the bad news. And poor Jasmine. Hopefully, they will continue to sing and perform, because they are very talented.

    I forgot about the part where they can only use it up until the point of the top 5. That is interesting. I bet if anything they would use it on Adam or Danny if by some fluke they didn’t get voted through! They have just been the most consistent. How funny that people are talking about Anoop at work. And as for Simon well you either love him or hate him! I’m in between, I love his opinions but sometimes I think he can be too curt in his delivery!

    Maria, oh I’m so sorry your eyes swelled with tears during last night’s elimination. I have done the same. I get so emotionally invested in the contestants because of their stories and their talent. You just don’t want any of them to get hurt or leave. I’ve definitely shed a few tears both when they are elimintated and when they win. I remember tears flowing when Fantasia won and I got a little emotional watching David Cook win. It is heartbreaking watching my favorites when they get eliminated. In fact, sometimes when it is too intense I’ll switch channels and then switch back just to avoid that really intense part. The good news is that most of the contestants really do go on to have some level of success based upon their experience being on the show even when they are eliminated.

    Thanks again for your recaps M & Annie & Maria! I’m glad that you watched the show last night especially since I zonked out! Have a great day!

    BTW, I finally selected my Photo Hunt and it was hard for me this week! I think I’m going to have to do what you do Annie. Make a list of the themes and try to keep an eye out for photos. I have a lot of photos in my library but I still had a hard time.

  7. I also belong to the "fall asleep in front of the tv" club, which is why having the DVR works so well. I have to say that last night, tho, I managed to fall asleep watching a DVR'd show I had slept through two weeks ago - ouch.

    After many seasons of getting angry at how America votes, I have decided to try and not be emotionally invested in AI, at least not this early in the season.

    Personally, I thought Jorge and Anoop should have gone last night. Jasmine would not have been there much longer, but I would have liked to see if she could have taken the advice to get into her age zone. Ah well . . .

  8. Hi Marcia, I know what you mean about not getting too invested! Unfortunately for I can get attached very quickly especially when they show those family clips.

    Btw, I'm such a strong member of the fall asleep while watching Tv that I have to put the sleep timer on often! :)

    I thought Jorge, Jadmine and Anoop are capable of doing so much better. I think song choice was definitely a big factor in their lack luster performances the night before. It's so much fun hearing everyones opinions and perspectives.
    I love it!

    Thanks for your comments Marcia. Have a great day!

  9. Kathy, thanks so much for letting us all hash Idol out on your blog! I really enjoy reading everyone elses comments and opinions. Too funny how many of us cut the ZZZZ's in front of the TV! I don't have DVR yet so sometimes I'm not too happy about falling asleep but most of the time, I don't care.

    Flygirl, some people at work today were talking about Megan and everyone thinks she's so "modern" with the tattoos and her quirky style. And really, I do think it's style as much as substance sometimes. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her. But you are right, she's not the strongest singer in the bunch.

    A note for Maria - it IS sad when they get cut but keep in mind that in past years, like Kathy said, many of the kids who got cut early now have record deals and good careers and things have worked out very well for them. The exposure from this show is SO enormous and while it is sad at the moment, I try to remember that it will probably all work out for them. It won't surprise me a bit if Jorge ends up being a star, esp. if he records both in English and Spanish. He has a great voice and real popular appeal, I think.

    Kathy, this week's PhotoHunt theme is kinda hard. Believe it or not, I found four photos that meet the "four" theme! None of them are particularly wonderful but I thought it was so funny to find four that I think I'll post them all!

    I do keep the PH theme list on my desk and if I get an idea, I jot it down. And when I go out taking photos, I sometimes see something and think " yes, that will work for XXX theme." It's alot of fun!

    Not sure when you're leaving for Vegas but have a GREAT time. I hope the race goes very well and that you have a wonderful weekend! I'll be glued to the TV (hopefully) watching my Tar Heels win the ACC Championship!

  10. Hi Annie, I totally love recapping AI and hearing everyone's opinions, perspectives and reactions. And if someone (ahem) should miss an episode it's great to catch up from others! :)

    You know, that's a great PH idea. I'm going to have to keep that list at work too in case I come up with an idea. I'm taking the list to Vegas (think I'll get any good shots there...).

    That's great that you have four shots, and I'm anxious to see what they are.

    I have slim pickings this week. I found only two possible choices. One is a better photograph, but I chose the other because it was more interesting to me.

    Hey good luck to your Tar Heels in your ACC game! Hey maybe I'll place a bet on them! I'll put $20 buck down for your tar heels! I'll have to find out when they play so I can go to the sports book and place my bet!

    Thanks for our comments Annie. I leave early tomorrow morning and will return Monday afternoon! Whoo Hoo! Should be pretty insane! Not sure if I will have time or will be able to access the net to blog but will make an attempt!

    Have a great weekend too Annie & good luck to your Tar Heels!

  11. Oh, I bet you could get some great photos in Vegas! Let's see, I'm looking at upcoming themes....Entertainment, Electric, Sports, Fast...all of those sound like Vegas to me!

    The Heels play tomorrow (Friday) at noon and if they win that game (which they should), they will play again on Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern time. Then if they win that, they will play in the Championship game on Sunday at 1 pm eastern.

    I feel pretty confident except for the fact that Ty Lawson, the point guard, has a hurt toe and hasn't been practicing. The news tonight said his status is unknown. It will be a lot harder to win if he doesn't play but I have a feeling he will. Just wanted to warn you in case we aren't 100%.

    Have a great time - can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

  12. Kathy, stopping by to wish you a terrific weekend. Have fun and take lots of photos. I'm looking at the weather forecast of the American West and it should be perfect for the race.

    Annie, you (and Kathy) are right, it is not the end of the world for the ones that get eliminated but they are so psyched and seem to have all their hopes an aspirations in being the chosen one that it breaks my heart. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Jorge and Jasmine.

    About PhotoHunt, I thought I didn't have a good photo but as soon as I looked at my Venice pictures, voila, I found three and I think both you and Annie are going to enjoy them.

    Have a great weekend Kathy and have fun in Vegas!

  13. Hi Annie, oh wow, I could get a truck load of theme photos this weekend! Thanks for the information, I’m going t have to keep my PhotoHunter Eyes open all weekend long, literally…

    I didn’t realize your heels are playing more than one game, that’s cool. I’ll still be on the Road and probably won’t get my bet in on time for the Friday game, but I can place my bets for the Saturday and Sunday games. I’m sure even with Ty’s injury your heels will play a very good game and give it their all. I’m betting on heart and placing a bet for your heels. Thanks Annie. Enjoy your weekend and have fun watching your heels this weekend!

  14. Hi Maria, thank you for stopping by and for your well wishes. And it's awesome to hear that the weather will be perfect. Thank you so much for mentioning it.

    I would've liked for Jorge and Jasmine to have stayed a little longer on the show, but I do have a good feeling that they will go on to have bright futures.

    I can’t wait to see your PH choices from Venice. Now I’m curious.

    Thanks again for your well wishes Maria and you have a great weekend too!


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