Monday, February 9, 2009

Travel: Fulfilling Childhood dreams . . .

When I was planning my first solo trip in 2006 to the Czech Republic I discovered that I was fairly close to Austria and specifically Salzburg. I had only visited this beautiful city once before but it was with a whirlwind group tour and I could barely remember that trip. I really wanted to re-visit this city but this time as a Slow Traveler so I could get to experience the City.

During my trip planning, I happened across the blog of fellow Slow Traveler (and now Moderator) Kaydee and read about the wonderful experiences she and her family had during their visit to Salzburg. I remember reading how she took this tour which brought them to many of the places that were used in filming my absolute all-time favorite movie, The Sound of Music! That was all the inspiration I needed to plan my trip to Prague and the Czech Republic in such a way that I would be able to visit Salzburg and then fly out of Munich.

Growing up one of our family traditions was to sit down together and watch the Sound of Music during the holidays. It was my mom’s favorite movie and it became a special memory for me.

I was so surprised just how many people were big fans. There were people from all walks of life, all ages and from so many different countries. I was sitting next to a really nice lady from Scotland and the women next to us was on their second tour! I kid you not! I really loved this tour and had so much fun! In fact, I loved my experience so much that I even wrote an entire page on my trip report dedicated to my SOM experience on my Slow Travel Trip Report which you can see HERE!

So as you can see, travel can be about so many things and fullfilling a childhood dream is one of them!


  1. Kathy, this is so cool. I would love to take that tour too. I love SOM.
    Isn't amazing how fullfilling travel is?

  2. What a great post Kathy! I watched the You Tube but am going to watch again when I get home (no speakers on my office computer).

    I'd love to take this tour too. It was a tradition in my family to watch this movie together too and we had the soundtrack record album, I played it all the time when I was a kid.

    It really makes me nostalgic to think about watching this movie because back then, there were no VCRs or netflix or any way to see movies except when they showed them on TV once a year. It was always SO exciting when it was time to watch SOM or The Wizard of Oz again!

    I LOVE that cow with Julie Andrews painted on the side! What a hoot. And so cool that the gazebo really exists!

    "How do you solve a problem like Maria..." :) I sing that to a certain kitten all the time.

  3. This is such a sweet memory. I would love to take this tour. SOM is a movie that always makes me happy. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very cool post! I am glad you were able to add this on to your trip! I love Sound of Music too and I even got to play in it - in third grade!

  5. Hi Candi, glad you thought the tour was cool. I am a huge SOM fan and have really wanted to spend more quality time in Salzburg in order to get the whole experience. It was a lot of fun!

    Thanks for your comments Candi and have a great evening.

  6. Hi Annie, glad you enjoyed it. It's so cool that you are also an SOM fan and that it was a big family tradition for you too. I remember thinking that I was probably going to be one of a few people on the tour and was so surprised when I saw that the bus was full of people from all walks of life. It was like it was a tradition handed down from generation to the next and also one that crossed all boundaries. It was a pleasant surprise. When we returned and had to do the Do Re Mi sing a long on the way back, everyone knew that song by heart. So much fun!

    And yes I can see how catching a whirlwind would be like "catching a cloud to pin it down . . .

    Thanks so much for sharing your family traditions too Annie. It's great to be amongst fellow SOM fans.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  7. Hi Barb, thanks so much for your comments. SOM also makes me happy too. It's a great memory for me that I will always treasure and remember. Or at least until I happen by Salzburg again...

    Thanks again and have a great evening Barb!

  8. Hi Chiocciola, glad you liked the post. I was definitely glad that I was able to go on this tour. So much fun! So inquiring minds wants to know, which part did you play? How fun that must have been!

    Thanks so much for your comments Chiocciola. Have a great day tomorrow.

  9. I love this movie. Just like Annie, I remember looking forward to both the Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz yearly. I just finally bought the DVD of the SOM in Genova this summer.

    I visited Salzburg during my first trip to Europe in 1999. I planned to sign up for the SOM tour but the guy running the B&B where I stayed talked me out of it saying he could take me to all of the spots. He did take me to the church and I saw the lake/mountain and a park in the town where they filmed a scene but it was not as exciting as being on the tour since he had not even seen the movie! Most people in Salzburg have never seen the movie. They just know the crazy Americans are all obsessed with the movie.

    I enjoyed reading your recap of the tour and had fun watching the video clip.

  10. Hi Girasoli, wow that B&B guy was really nice to show you around like that! Our tour guy told us that sometimes in the summer time they can average up to four full tour buses a day. The impact of this movie is really overwhelming to generate this level of popularity and I think it is the whole tradition thing. So many people grew up watching this film. But it is so interesting that there are people in Salzburg who have not even seen it.

    Thanks again for your comments Girasoli and have a great day!

  11. Hi again Kathy, I watched the video last night with the sound and love the songs you put on it! And the tour guide sounded like such a nice guy.

    I'm thinking about putting SOM in my netflix queue because it would be fun to watch it straight thru without commercials.

    One of my favorite parts is when the nuns take the spark plugs out of the bad guys' car and say, "Reverend Mother, we have sinned." :)

    Thanks for bringing back all these great memories!

  12. Good morning Annie, glad you enjoyed the songs and I just had to find Maria's song because of your Maria! :) That is one of my favorites SOM songs.

    You really captured the family tradition so well for me in your comments. Made me remember how fun those times were. Interestingly, watching this movie was when I first started getting interested in history and traveling to Europe.

    And yes, the nuns pulling those wires was brilliant! :) One of my favorite moments too!

    Thanks so much for the walk down memory lane Annie! Have a good day!

  13. I played Maria - but we only did parts of it. It is funny to think that I was in third grade because I remember thinking that it was perfectly fine to play this grown up, even though I was still a kid!

  14. Well of course I loved this post too! (And I'm glad to have been your Salzburg inspiration.)

    I've been on the Sound of Music tour three times. This is one of my all-time favorite movies.

    We're going to be back in the Salzburg area for ten days this summer-- can't wait!

    You would probably enjoy my YouTube photo show about the Salzkammergut:

  15. Hi Kathy,

    I'm sorry that I haven't had time to read your most recent entries but I'll come back tonight and catch-up. My nephew with his wife and 2 year old son came to spend the weekend with us and then my kids came over along with a few friends and suddenly we had a big GTG. It was a lot of fun but I'm a little tired.

    Thank you for the lovely comment you sent this morning. You are so sweet and such a caring friend! We're very excited and full of anticipation for this happy event. I still can't believe that my first born is getting married!

    Thanks again for the heartfelt comment. ;)

    Have a great Tuesday and I'll 'see" you tonight.

  16. Great post, Kathy! I'm also a bit of a SOM fan. I bought the 40th anniversary DVD which has some special features including a tour with Leisle, the eldest daughter, who is now a senior but still looks a lot like she did in the movie!

    I've been to Austria twice, both times staying in Vienna and I once toured the abbey at Melk, a few hours from Vienna. But I still haven't seen Salzburg and I'd really like to. And I'd love to take the SOM tour.

  17. I also have very fond memories of seeing The Sound of Music with my parents. I can sing-along all the songs! My favorite scene is the opening one. Just breathtaking! I'd love to visit Salzburg and take the tour. I think it would be a perfect thing to do with my daughter. Thanks for rekindling such beautiful memories.

    Buonanotte! ;)

  18. Hi Chiocciola, that's so cool that you played the lead role! I'm sure even as a young third grader, you did an awesome performance as Maria! Thanks so much for sharing that with us. Have a great day tomorrow!

  19. Hi Kaydee, I think if I were to return to Salzburg (and I really want to) I would definitely take this tour again! It was so much fun.

    That is so cool that you're heading back to Salzburg for 10 days. I totally loved my visit there.

    And thanks so much for the sharing the link to your video! It was great watching it and the music is perfect! I was able to visit Hallstat based on your recommendation as well. One day I would love to return and explore the other towns and go up on that cable car too. I just remember the beauty of the green pastures and those gorgeous mountains. Really stunning!

    Thanks so much Kathy for first the inspiration and second for my wonderful experience especially for your SOM tour recommendation. I don't think I would've taken it without reading about it in your blog! I even liked your hotel recommendation!

    Have a wonderful week Kathy!

  20. Hi Maria, you are so sweet for continuing to keep up with not only your blogs (so we can enjoy some of your wonderful trip reports and photos), but also for keeping up with everyone's blogs and commenting. But really please don't worry. I'm glad that you're having a lot of fun and the anticipation is building to what I know will be a special day. I'm so excited for you and your family. You are definitely on all of our thoughts.

    Make sure to get some rest when you can and definitely keep on enjoying yourself . . .

    Have a great evening Maria!

  21. Hi Sandra, glad you enjoyed the post. Wow, I had not heard of that DVD. And now I must have it. See, I can put up with a sagging sofa but must continue to feed my SOM obsession! :)

    I have been to Vienna once but it was with a group tour and only stayed for two nights, so I don't remember much. Maybe one day I will return and finally get to experience it. I think you would totally like Salzburg too. And definitely you will need to take the SOM tour. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad I finally did a YouTube, I've been meaning to do one and Annie's Blog Challenge gave me the little nudge to finally do it.

    Have a great day tomorrow Sandra!

  22. Hi Maria, this is so interesting that we all have these great family memories of watching this movie. I think you should totaly visit Salzburg and take this tour with your daughter. It would be such a special mother, daughter lifetime memory. Just like Kaydee and her daughter!

    Thanks so much Maria and have a great evening!


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