Thursday, February 26, 2009

SMILE . . .

I just felt like smiling today! Happy Friday everyone!

And if you're thinking you got away without my AI Recap, think again . . .

AI Recap: Group # 3 . . . .

A big AI shout out to Group 2's Top Three: Allison, Adam and Kris. And as Menehune mentioned, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. :) I thought that Meagan and possibly Kai would make the third spot but it went to Kris (who totally reminds me of David Archuleta from last season). But I can't say that I'm entirely disappointed because truth be told I did like him.

I really think that Alison and Adam will give Alexis and Danny stiff competition in the final 12. They are awesome! And if I was to rate the Group Performance I thought Group 2 blew Group 1 out of the water. Great Group performance. I'm really hoping that Jasmine, Piano Player Matt, Kai and Megan have another shot in the Wild Card show, but we'll see because Simon only said two might be selected for the Wild Card.

Let's hope next week's show will be more entertaining!

And that's my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. Happy Friday to you too! That photo does make me smile!

    Two out of three is great...I have to admit that I was surprised about Kris but when I heard him sing "Man in the Mirror" for the second time, I realized that he is really good.

    And poor Norman...I guess his 15 minutes of fame is up. :)

    This new format is so different. The breakdown on the Top Six is 4 guys and 2 girls. Usually the Top 12 is half and half, and it looks like it might not be that way this year. I'm really curious to see exactly how the Wild Card round will work.

    Thanks for your recap and have a happy Friday!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that I loved seeing Brooke sing last night! She's great and I liked her song.

  3. It did make me smile. Thanks Kathy.And again, I forgot to watch AI. I think our TV has only one channel, GOLF.

  4. My husband was also excited to see/hear Brooke sing last night. This new format is not grabbing me, tho, it feels so drawn out at this point.

  5. Hi Annie, Happy Friday to you and I'm so glad the photo made you smile. It's Friday and I just couldn't help it! :)

    Wow, I totally forgot about Brooke's awesom performance. Thank you so much for reminding me. Maybe I'll go download her song from i-Tunes because I really loved it. I think you're right. Norman's 15 minutes came to an end last night. It's too bad he didn't try to compete as himself becuase he really could sing. Oh well, his choice.

    You're right about the new format. Seems kind of unfair to have 4 guys and 2 girls. Hopefully they'll fix that in the Wildcard show.

    Thanks for your comments and recap too Annie. Next week should be pretty good! I really think Anoop will be in the Wild Card!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Candi, I'm so glad my photo made you smile. Wow, only one channel! I couldn't survive with one channel. Not a golf fan either. Don't worry about missing AI Candi, you can always check here for any updates! :)

    Thanks for your comments Candi. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Marica, I totally forgot about Brooke's performance so I'm really glad that Annie mentioned it. It's cool that your husband enjoyed her performance. She was a favorite of mine and Annie's to be in the top 5 last year! I think everyone isn't fond of the new format and I have mixed feelings too. Maybe they'll tweek it again next year.

    Thanks for your comments (and for relaying your husband's)! Have a great weekend Marcia.

  8. Thank you for the smile! Menehune

  9. Hi Menehuni, glad it made your smile! Have a great weekend!

  10. LOL at Candi's comment about the Golf channel! I bet her husband is a big golf fan (I can't imagine anything more boring to watch on TV!).

    It's interesting to read all these comments about the new format this season. I saw a thing on TV where Paula Abdul said that she thinks that having Four Judges was a mistake because it takes too long for them all to make their comments, and it's making the show drag and be boring. And I think she had a point! Nothing against Kara the new judge but it does seem like the show is slower than it used to be. And this week, Simon chided Kara for "rambling" in her comments. Hmmm. Will be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

  11. Beautiful photo. I checked it out at lunch yesterday and it put a big smile on my face. I actually saw one girl sing (switched channels during the commercial) - the girl with red hair that got rave reviews. I thought she did a great job, especially since she is so young. She has an interesting voice.

  12. Hi Annie, :) maybe playing golf is not bad, but IMHO watching golf as a spectator . . . I don't get it. My sister loves to play golf (so hopefully she isn't reading my comments he, he!

    Yes, that is a great point. It may not be so bad if the judges get to the point but they drag it out too long. They should put one of those Oscar Awards type timers on the judges and start to play the music when they go over their alloted time! :) I can't wait for the top 12 to start. I think the wild card show will be interesting. I can't wait! Have a great evening Annie!

  13. Hi Girasoli, glad you enjoyed the photo! I wonder if we can lure . . . I mean convince you, Sandra, Candi, Anne and Maria to watch AI too! :)

    The girl you saw was my favorite of the night. Her name is Alison and you're right she is only 16 years old, making her probably the youngest one on the show. But she's so awesome! Thanks for your comments Girasoli and it's okay if you don't watch AI (although you really should, because it's so much fun)!:)

    Have a great evening!

  14. I love the photo. It sure made me smile. And I just noticed your photo of the month. Gorgeous fall colors!

  15. Hi Maria, I'm glad the photo made you smile (it sure did for me too) and thanks also for your comments about my photo of the month. I like the colors and they also seemed to match the colors on my blog! Double bonus! :)

    Have a great evening Maria!


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