Thursday, February 26, 2009

AI Recap: Group two . . .

What was up with the song selections last night! Jasmine, dueling piano player Matt and welder Matt and Janine all picked the wrong songs. I was really disappointed especially for my favorites (Jasmine and dueling piano player Matt).

Kris, Jesse, Mishavonna and Kai. Their performances were good, but a little ordinary for this point in the competition. Of this group, I really hope that Kai makes the wild card show.

Meagan (tattoo girl) didn't blow me away, but I liked her and I'm hoping that she either makes top three or one of the wild card picks.

Tonight's stand outs: Allison Iraheta, the 16 year old from LA totally rocked! She was so awesome and I loved her performance! She was definitely the top female performer of the night and deserves to be in the top three. Adam, the 27 year old has some serious vocals and I think he was the top male performer by (as Simon would say) a mile!

And last but not least, let's talk about Norman Gentle! I must admit that I sort of liked his performances in the earlier rounds because he was different and entertaining. But the humor thing has gotten old for me. We need an Idol like Fantasia or David Cook and not like Carrot Top! Sorry . . . .

My top three picks: Allison, Adam and Meagan.

And that's my recap! Keep on rocking AI . . . .


  1. Hi Kathy, excellent recap!

    I have to say that last night was not the best show I've ever was kinda boring at times! I agree with your Top Two (Alison and Adam), and it's interesting that they both chose to sing high energy classic rock songs.

    Tattoo Girl is very unique and I kinda liked her, but what's up with those jerky dance moves?!?

    The one I liked (but the judges didn't) was Kai Kalami. I liked his voice AND his song choice even though the judges said it was old-fashioned. I like those old retro songs!

    I was bummed for piano player Matt - he probably has the best voice of any of them.

    Gonna be interesting to see the results tonight. Have a great day and thanks for the recap!

  2. It was not a great night for talent that's for sure, found myself dozing in parts. Besides Adam, it will be interesting to see how America voted this evening.

  3. I watched the first three contestants last night and gave up. I hope they have better contestants in the days to come... Or rather that the contestants pick better songs. I kept hearing from the judges "That song was not good for you" or something to that effect.


  4. Looks like you were 2 for 3! Not bad - I personally like/happy for piano player Matt.

  5. I have to say, I'm not liking this new way of doing idol. I don't feel like I'm having the opportunity to connect with any of them, so I'm not vested in the process.

    Allison did rock though - amazing, she's only 16?

  6. Hi Annie, I agree that the other night was not the best show and it was boring especially at the beginning. I'm really glad for Alison and Adam. It was a little scary when Adam and Norman (Nick) was up at the end. Although Adam was the best of the two, sometimes the voting public can be funny about their selection. And yes tattoo girl did have a jerky move :) I really like Kai too and loved that song. I hope he gets a shot at the wild card. I also hope that Matt and Jasmine and Megan has a shot at wildcard too. I hope Group 3 learned lessons from Group 2 and picked better songs. Lil is in that group and I'm looking forward to hearing her. Thanks for your comments Annie, have a great day!

    Hi Marcia, I don't blame you for dozing off! :) I think America voted correctly with Alison, Adam and Kris was okay too. He kind of reminds me a little of David A. :)
    Thanks for your comments Marcia, have a great day!

    Hi Eden, yes the first three didn't do very good and it was sort of like that the whole night except for possibly 3-4 performances. I hope Group 3 listened to Group 2 and make better decisions for next week! :)
    Thanks for your comments Eden, have a great day!

    Hi Menehune, :) yes 2 out of 3 wasn't bad . . . but then again I think Alison and Adam were shoe in's so my 3rd choice was way off. Ha, ha. I'm really hoping that Jasmine, Piano player Matt, Kai have another shot. Megan could make wild card too because the judges also liked her. Next week and wild card should be fun to watch. Thanks for your comments Menehune, have a great day!

    Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful AI Recaps . . . onward to Group 3!

  7. I am looking forward to hearing Lil too. And also the blind guy (Scott?) - he was so good during Hollywood week. I bet the two of them are top contenders in this next group (but let's hope they pick the right songs!).

  8. Hi Kim, cool! I didn't realize that you watched AI too! Not many of us are really fond of this year's format. I wonder if they will fix it next year. I hope so. I agree that Allison totally rocked and it is amazing like you said that she is only 16. The way she sings, you wouldn't think that she's that young. I also think Alexis who's also very young sings like she's older because of her soulful voice. I'm going to enjoy seeng Allison and Alexis and Lil compete. Thanks for your comments Kim and have a great weekend!

    Hi Annie, I am also looking forward to hearing Lil and Scott (you were right). I'm kind of looking forward to Jorge Nunez too! I liked him in the earlier rounds. I can't wait for the Wild card show. I'm pretty sure that Anoop will be selected by the judges to be in the wild card for a second shot because they really like him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have a great weekend Annie!


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