Saturday, February 28, 2009

PhotoHunt: Thankful

Very thankful to their family and friends for joining them in celebrating their new life together, a newly married couple in Vernazza, Italy throws special treats to them from their balcony.
I'd like to say a special congratulations to blogging pal Maria as she recently celebrated her son's marriage to his lovely new wife. New beginnings are always something to be very thankful for.

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  1. Oh Kathy, I love this! I bet you were very thankful that you got to witness this beautiful scene (love the perspective on the photo too).

    Here's to new beginnings! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Fabulous!
    This was a hard week to just pick one photo.

  3. Hi Leslie, thank you so much! PhotoHunt is fun! :) You have a great weekend!

    Hi Annie, I'm glad you loved this. And thank God that our lives are full of new beginnings (new relationships, new babies, new friendships, new outlooks, new thoughts ...) Have an awesome weekend Annie! And we DID IT! It was actually fun blogging everyday! And I am so Thankful to you for encouraging me to join this year. I'm almost sad that the blog everyday challenge is over. But then again, there's always a new beginning somewhere out there . . . :) Have a great weekend!

    Hi Sandi, yes I totally agree that there are so many images of what we are thankful for. Thank you so much for your comments and have a great weekend!

  4. Kathy, great photo! I love it when such serendipity moments occur and we get a glimpse into life as Italians know it. Someday I think I'll write about the funeral procession we saw one day in Pasteum--a permanent memory.

  5. Great photo and take on the theme, Kathy.
    How great that you got to see a wedding in Vernazza. Maybe you can post about what you saw one day?
    I love weddings, and only managed to glimpse a part of one on the Spanish Steps.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Such a fun photo and a thought we all cherish. Mahalo, Menehune

  7. Kathy, I'm SO glad you joined in the Blog Everyday challenge this year! I've always enjoyed reading your blog, and I really enjoyed reading it everyday this past month. I admire your positive spirit and outlook on life, and thoroughly enjoy your travel adventures and photos.

    It IS a challenge to do it every day though, that's for sure. I'm going to aim for 4-5 times per week now, and maybe take weekends off. I'm so grateful for this fun and unique blogging community we have!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Can you believe that we have SNOW in the forecast for tomorrow! It's very unusual, and I'm curious to see if it will really happen!

  8. Hi Jane, I'm glad that you liked the photo and yes my friend and I were so lucky to see this very special moment. I would be very interested to read about your experience seeing the funeral processon in Pasteum. And I totally agree with you about being able to be in the right place at the right time to get such a beautiful glimpse of real life in the places that we visit. Thanks so much for your comments Jane and have a great evening!

  9. Hi Candi, I'm glad that you liked the photo. I wished that I knew more about what we saw. We had just arrived after traveling for hours (including a missed train) from Rome to Vernazza. After walking around the town for a little, we actually decided to crash and take a nap before dinner. We were awaken by the noises from down below and when we looked out, we saw what was in the photo. I ran to grab my camera so I could capture what I could (without following out of the window-we were on the third floor).

    It was very cool and I really enjoyed that tradition where the couple from their balcony threw these treats to their guests below. I thought about your wedding photo too because of that fun tradition you enjoyed.

    This wedding celebration was so great to watch. They looked so happy and everyone was just having a great time clapping, laughing, and jumping and grabbing for the candy. It was soooo cool!

    I bet that wedding on the Spanish Steps was awesome. I really love the visual of the Spanish Steps. As you, Annie and Jane say, it is so great to be able to witness these great traditions and celebrations when travelig. One of the reasons I love to Slow Travel... thanks so much for your comments Candi, have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Menehune, I'm very glad you liked the photo. I'm new to photohunt, and I think it's a lot of fun! Thanks so much for your comments Menehune. Have a great evening!

  11. Great photo! I love that there are so many people below celebrating the new bride and groom. Great take on the theme this week.

  12. Hi Annie, wow you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind comments. It's funny but I really didn't think that I was going to have enough to say for an entire month. I'm probably the most surprised that I actually did! You were right, the challenge was a lot of fun and I totally loved the experience. Thank you so much for encouraging me to join. I'm so glad to hear that you'll be blogging 4-5 times per week because I just love reading your blog so much! You know, I think I'm going to try to blog more often than I have been. It's great fun!

    I'm having a pretty good weekend. Hope you are too!

    And you're having snow again. That's so cool! If it does snow, I hope you take some great photos. Hope Lulu and Maria enjoys the snow too! I bet they get a little curious when it does fall.

    Thanks again Annie, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. Hi Girasoli, I'm so glad you enjoyed the photo! One of the great things that stood out for me in this photo was that "joy and celebration" not just with the bride and groom but with the crowd below. It just looked like so much fun.

    Thanks for your comments Girasoli and have a great evening!

  14. What an unusual perspective for a photo! Good job!

    Good job too on blogging every day during February. I have enjoyed reading your posts and will continue to check in.

  15. Hi Kathy,

    How sweet of you to include me in your PH post. I'm touched. Thank you, dear friend.

    I love your photo. Great perspective and I love to see how everyone is so happy looking at the couple. Excellent choice for the theme. I'm looking forward to slowly catching up with everyone. I have to do some serious blog reading.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  16. Kathy, what a wonderful photo -- it must have been exciting to be part of that wedding celebration.

    And congratulations on finishing the February blogging challenge. I'm sorry I missed the final days, and can't wait to catch up on everyone's blog posts!

  17. Hi Nancy, I'm glad you liked the photo and I'm very thankful for your kind comments. Congratulations to you too on blogging everyday. I really enjoyed getting to know more people by reading their blogs during this challenge I want to stay in touch with everyone too. Thanks again for your comments during the challenge. Have a great evening Nancy!

  18. Hi Maria, thank you so much for posting those beautiful photos of your son's wedding. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the special occassion and looking at more photos. I've missed you and I've missed reading your wonderful posts.

    Thank you for your comments and have a great evening Maria.

  19. Hi Sandra, glad to hear from you. I was just commenting on your blog a few minutes ago. I'm very happy you had a great time vising your family and especially your mom.

    It was really a cool experience to see this wedding celebration tradition. We could really sense the joy of the occassion!

    The blogging was a lot of fun! But you shouldn't apologize for missing the end. If it makes you feel any better, we're looking forward to reading the next entries on your blog. :) We're just glad you're back and that you had a great visit.

    Have a great evening Sandra!

  20. Great photo, Kathy. Lucky you to stumble upon such a sweet celebration!

  21. Hi Sheri, it was really wonderful to stumble upon that celebration. Thanks so much for your comments and have a great day!


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