Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Blog Everyday Challenge: We Did It!

Yesterday was the last day of Slow Travel's amazing February Blog Everyday Challenge! I must confess that at first I was not so sure that I would have enough to say for an entire month. But blogging pal AnnieNC, told me that it was a lot of fun and so I joined in. And here's what happened . . .

- To my surprise I found out that I actually had enough to say for the entire month. In fact, I have a couple of unused stockpiled posts still to use! :)

- It made me organize my Spain photos (something I have been putting off since I returned last December). Now all I have to do is upload them to ST.

- It inspired me to create new YouTube videos (one of my favorite things to do) for travel topics that I have wanted to do for a long time. I created a total of 4.

- It nudged me to join Photo Hunt which is something I had been procrastinating about for months.

- It allowed me to remember so many wonderful memories of past trips that I hadn’t thought about for a long time.

- It allowed me to discover more fellow American Idol fans. He, he! :)

- It inpsired me to think about creative ways to express myself about things that mean a lot to me, namely my passion for travel and the new “Slow Way” way I like to travel, thanks to Slow Travel Founder, Pauline, the Slow Travel Website and the Slow Travel Community.

- But I think the most important thing that this challenge has done for me is it really allowed me to discover new and really cool things about my blogging friends and also learn more about a few bloggers who I didn’t really know before.

I had such a great time during this challenge that I really want to try to blog more often than I have in the past. I also want to continue to visit everyone's blogs as much as I can. Although I may not comment everytime I always enjoy reading what people have to say and I will often find inspiration in them.

This blog challenge has been a really fun experience for me and I want to thank all my fellow bloggers (including my favorite bloggers like Kaleidoscope and Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff, Syncronicity . . . ) and most especially I want to thank AnnieNC for encouraging me to participate.

Photo of the Month: This month's photo of the month is a view of the Alhambra from the General Life Gardens in Granada, Spain.


  1. Great post Kathy and congratulations to you for making it thru the Blog Everyday Challenge! That graphic you made is SO cool - love the colors and the design. And I love your photo of the month too. I can't believe it's already March!

    I am so glad you decided to join in this year and I'm esp. glad that you are going to blog more often now that you've gotten in the groove! I really love reading your blog.

    And yes, we did get a ton of snow last night....Woo hoo! I am snowed in with the cats today, what fun. I'll post some photos later.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Hi Annie, it was very cool doing the challenge. I always enjoy doing things that are new. And it does feel like I'm in the groove to blog more. Glad you liked the graphic. It was so great that a lot of bloggers were doing it. I almost ran out of space. :) That photo with the colors is one of my favorites. So pretty. And I loved my blogger graphic so much I switched profile photos to add her.

    Whoo, hoo! Snow! How very cool! And thank you, it would be so great to see your photos! I'm actually off today too so maybe I'll upload my Spain Photos (finally) and maybe do an entry! :)

    Have fun and stay warm Annie!

  3. Congratulations from me also on making it through the challenge. My hat is off to you and all the amazing ST bloggers. Your graphic is fantastic. You are so talented, Kathy, in creating some really cool designs.

    Let me know when your fabulous photos are up on Slowtrav. I’d love to see them. I need to organize the rest of my photos and upload them. I started but it was so time consuming that I put it aside for later. I tried doing them on zip files and couldn’t get them uploaded. I might have to ask for help from Marta.

    Enjoy your day off, Kathy! Happy Monday!

  4. Kathy,
    Great post! Congrats on acing the challenge!
    I enjoyed very much reading your blog, and I will continue to do so.
    The graphic is very very cool, and I was wondering how do you make your graphics? This is an area I have not explored yet, but would like you one day.

  5. Oh, and your photo of the month is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your comments. I'm just getting started on digital scrapbooking but I'm learning a lot from looking at Leslie's design. It's great fun!

    I just uploaded some Madrid photos but most of them I have already shown on my blog. I didn't do a Member's album for them but maybe I should have? I stuck them in the category called Towns and Cities. I'll probably try to upload the ones from Cadiz, Malaga, Ronda and Seville the same way but do an album for the Alhambra (since it has sort of a theme).

    Marta is great, I had her help me once and she gives easy instructions. It takes me forever because I'm not very organized with my description part. It might take me a few days to get all of them uploaded. Maybe I can do a blog entry so you'll know when they are done.

    Thanks so much for your comments Maria. Have a great Monday evening!

  7. Hi Candi, thanks for you comments. The digital scrapbooking is a new hobby and one that I enjoy. There are software programs out there which makes it easy to do and it is a great way to preserve your photo memories. Leslie from Kaleidoscope does beautiful designs on her blog which I enjoy looking and learning from. It's a lot of fun.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog a lot Candi, and I know that I'll continue to read your very interesting entries. It's been so much fun getting to know so many bloggers that I really didn't know before the challenge.

    Glad you liked the photo too! Thanks again Candi and have a great evening!

  8. Today's post is really a nice post. Makes those of us who also blogged every day in February to think about what we got out of the experience. You point out some wonderful things here. And I love your graphic at the end!

  9. Yay!! We did it!! I am glad you joined PhotoHunt. That will take care of one day a week. I LOVE your graphic!! Very very cool!! How long did it take you to make? Happy Tuesday :)

  10. Hi Cindy, I'm glad you liked the graphic and it is pretty cool how much all of us got out of the challenge. It was great fun! Thanks so much for your comments Cindy. Have a great day!

  11. Hi Girasoli, I'm totally glad that I joined Photohunt. It's fun looking through my photos while thinking of a theme.

    Glad you love my graphic. It took me a while to do but that is because I wanted to change the fonts and colors as much as I could to make the blog names look different. It was fun!

    Thanks again for your comments and Whoo Hoo we all did it! Have a great day Girasoli!

  12. My photos are under Member Galleries. I never considered putting them under town/cities. Should I?

    Please do a blog entry when all your photos are uploaded. I really want to see them. Your photos are always fabulous and show a different perspective and angle.

    Happy Tuesday, Kathy!

  13. Wow, Kathy, what a great graphic!! Very cool and creative. I mostly enjoyed the blogging challenge again this year, but for some reason writing my entries seemed to take me longer than usual lately, so I never had much time to read everyone else's entries...and I really missed that. So I am looking forward to catching up on my fave blogs, and a few other things like finishing the prayer shawl I am knitting for my darling Sara :)

  14. Hi Maria, I think we have a choice of putting our photos in a Member's Album or into the categories, so I think you are fine with creating Albums. I will probably do an album for my Alhambra photos and maybe Seville.

    I can't wait to see more of your photos and entries from your trip!

    Thank you for saying nice things about my photos. I will definitely post an entry was they are all uploaded.

    Thanks Maria. Have a great day!

  15. Hi Anne, I'm glad you liked my graphic. It's so colorful and different and cool just like all the bloggers! The challenge was definitely fun!

    That's so wonderful that you are doing a prayer shawl for Sara.

    Have fun catching up! Thanks so much for your comments and have a great week Anne!


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