Saturday, January 24, 2009

AI Rocks in Louisville . . .

At the AI Louisville tryouts this past week there were several standouts such as Alexis the stay at home mom, Matt the dueling pianist (and I agree with Simon that he reminds me of Elliot Yamin), Ryan the railroad worker and Leneshe the college student. You can check them out on Youtube and pick out your own favorites HERE!
And remember Anoop from UNC last week. The more I think about it, the more I believe that he can really go far in this competition. Here he is featured with the UNC Clef Hangers singing "The Only One for Me". He has pretty good stage presence during this performance!

And taking a page from Anne’s blog, I'm going to use this entry to also test my post scheduling blog feature in preparation for Annie’s February Blog Everyday Challenge on Slow Travel! I took a peek at all the bloggers gearing up for this challenge and can see that I'll be in some mighty fine company! I’m really looking forward to this cool blog challenge, so thanks to Annie for starting it!

I'm setting this to post at 12:30 pm Saturday. Hope it works!


  1. I'm doing my own little challenge this year, I've always wanted to keep a list of all the books I have read in a year, and so far - so good! :)

  2. Hey Kathy, looks like your scheduling thingy worked just fine! So glad you're going to join in the challenge. I can't believe how many people are up for it!

    Too cool that you found Anoop on YouTube! It cracks me that a member of the Clef Hangers is in contention. They have been around forever, I remember seeing them a number of times when I was in college (of course, that was before Anoop was even born, ha ha!).

    North Carolinians have done well on AI...(Clay, Fantasia, Daughtry, Kellie Pickler) and I'll be pulling for Anoop too esp. since he's a Tar Heel student!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Did you visit any kittens this weekend? :)

  3. Hi Leslie, that's a really cool challenge. I need to make more time and get more motivated to read more. I'll buy the books when I see them and become interested but then they end up sitting on my shelf. I do love reading travel books though!

    You should join Annie's February Blog Everyday Challenge too. It'll be fun. I wasn't so sure I would be able to fill up an entire month but Annie said there will be some theme topics which I know will help me a lot.

    I'm glad your book challenge is going good so far. You have inspired me to get those books off the shelf and start reading them.

    Have a great day Leslie!

  4. Hi Annie, yes my scheduled post worked. Yay! That's cool that so many people have taken you up on the challenge. It'll be fun! And now I'm going to have to add a Blog Roll list for this challenge so it'll be easier for me to keep track of everyone.

    Yes, you North Carolinians are a very talented group! I'm also going to cheer for Anoop. Hope your Tar Heels are doing well in the NCAA ....

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit any kitties yesterday and I have plans for this afternoon so this weekend is a wash ... I did however get my house cleared last weekend by the adoption people and I have my cat carrier. I have to confess that I was a little deflated last weekend because I thought I could come home with them and realized it was not that simple adopting little kittens. I wasn't thinking I guess. Now I'm considering maybe adopting an older kitty. I did more research and found a second adoption agency and will check them out too. I have also been checking their websites since their adoption shows are only held at specific times on the weekends. So my kitten quest continues. But I'm confident that I'll find the right kitten for me. Can't wait though!

    Have a great Sunday Annie!

  5. Kathy, it seems you've mastered the scheduling feature (I have got to try to figure that out!) And I like your February bloggers logo -- very cute.

    It's a shame that you have to wait to get your kitten, but it is good to hear that adoption agencies are so thorough. You're very commited to your plan and it sounds as if you're getting everything prepared for the big day!

  6. Hi Sandra, the scheduling feature is nice and I recommend it highly.

    I actually came up with that logo after seeing the logo for the Slow travel Blogs. I thought it would be fun to do one too. Plus it will be a constant reminder for me not forget to post my entry.

    The adoption agency I went to is pretty thorough and I guess based on my responses to their questions they have not wanted me to adopt any young kittens but then that's the ones that I was really attracted to. Honestly, I was a little bummed about that. But yet I totally understand their point of view. I'm now considering maybe an older kitten and I will also check out other adoption agencies and also our shelters. After last weekend, I'm now sort of beginning to feel a tad insecure about my abilities, but hopefully that will pass. I'm sure the big day will come soon.

    Annie's Blog challenge will be fun and it's going to be so interesting to read daily updates from everyone.

    Have a great week Sandra and continue to enjoy your Italy trip planning!

  7. Kathy, I love your logo too! That is so creative and cool-looking. And your blog roll is very nice too; I like how it has updates so you can tell who has new posts up.

    I emailed Leslie about the blog challenge but she said that she will be too busy since she is getting ready to start a new semester of school. I love her idea about writing down all the books she reads!

    You know, I'm not convinced about you not being suitable for a little kitten. Maria was only 6 weeks only, 1.5 pounds, when I got her. She was tiny! And I worked long days and left her home all day, and she was fine. For the first couple of weeks, I kept her in a bedroom that was completely kitten proofed, but that was because LuLu kept hissing at her. Then, once they became friends, I let roam around the house while I was at work.

    It might be a good idea to talk to other adoption people? It's good that those first people are being so thorough but I just wonder if they are being overly cautious?

    Anyway, I'm sorry you are feeling deflated and that it's turning into a slower process than you'd hoped. But I feel certain it will all work out and you will get the kitten or kittens that belong with you! And don't feel will be a great mom to your kitty, I know.

    Have a good week!

  8. Hi Annie, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the Kitty and long days. I remember your initial posts about Maria and how tiny she was. I am going to check out the other adoption show too and hopefully I'll find Ronda there. I wish I can find that card of the guy I met at the Hermosa Beach Festival. He was really cool and said that they always have kitties that need homes.

    You and Sandra are probably the only people that caught my graphic. I decided to save it for my February "Photo of the Month". I thought it would be a great way to announce your blog challenge on Slow Travel. I think it was cool and funny! I got the idea after looking at Kim's cool logo for the Slow Travel Bloggers. I am in awe with the group of bloggers assembled for your challenge. It will be a lot of fun! I like the the Superbowl topic for our first day. Of course, the Boss isn't the cool one but he will be way better than Tom Petty!

    Thanks again Annie and have a great week!

  9. Annie, I forgot to mention that I also like Leslie's book reading list challenge. I really need to do more reading myself. I'm glad that you e-mailed her. She is such a dedicated teacher and I can see why she won't have enough time for this challenge. Maybe next time.

    I like the blog roll update info too. I wish I could do the snippets again but I think some uncool people have been taking information from the Slow Travel Blogs and using it as their own so there is some protective messages that come up now so I can't use that feature. But I think the entry titles and dates will be useful in keeping up with all the blogs. I even like how their photos come up.

    Sorry for the two part response but the downside to this blogger is that I can't edit comments.

    If you have time, don't forget to watch AI! :) (and I wonder why I don't have time to read...)

  10. I have to confess that, except for newscasts, I don’t watch much network or cable TV but your recent posts on American Idol peaked my curiosity. Saw the video on your link and was amazed at the talent shown by the contestants. Beautiful voices! If I have to pick one that really impressed me, it has to be Leneshe. What a voice and such sweet personality!

    I joined the February Bloggers even though it is going to be a very busy month. I have used the scheduling feature on my blog and plan to use it very often as there will be days when I won’t have the time to get on the computer. My main concern is not running out of topics but the fact that I might not be able to visit everyone’s blog every day and write a comment. And I’ve been stressing lately because I haven’t had the time to post a reply to the comments left on my blog. I’m trying hard to get myself organized but his wedding stuff is really keeping me busier than I thought.

    In regards to your kitty plans, don’t get discourage because it’s taking longer than you thought. You’re doing everything right and so are the people at the adoption center. Annie has given you excellent advice and we are all excited to see how well prepared you are. You’ll be an amazing human to a very lucky kitten (s)!

    Have a fabulous week, Kathy!

  11. Hi Maria, the choices on network TV is very limited. I like watching AI and CSI and also some channels on cable like the Travel and history channels.

    Glad you were peaked to watch the AI video. Of my favorites, I like Leneshe the best. She’s very talented and actually wrote the song that she sang. I agree that she has a great voice. And she also has a great personality even though she has had such a hard life. I hope she goes far.

    I think it is great that you are in the February Blog Challenge. And I think that scheduling feature will be very useful for you since you will be very busy this month. Maria, you really shouldn't stress about not being able to comment on your blog or read all the blogs during February. You have a lot on your plate with your son's wedding. That's most important. You can always go back and read or comment on the blogs later when you have time. Hope, you'll let us know how the big day went when you have time and after all the relatives in town for the wedding have left and you have had a chance to rest too! With all the work that you’ve been doing, I know that your son's wedding will be a very beautiful and special ceremony that will be enjoyed by everyone.

    Thank you for your comments about my kitty situation. I am very thankful for Annie's advice and also for all of your encouragements. Very nice of you to say.

    Hope you have a great week too Maria!

  12. Kathy, as Maria says, I hope you don't become discouraged about the kitty situation! You seem very committed to the idea, which I think is crucial. You're not just doing this on a whim. You've been thinking and preparing, and I think you'll be a wonderful pet person. I'm sure you'll find just the right cat for you, soon!

  13. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for your comments. My confidence got dented a little, but as you say I am very committed. I was hoping sooner than later, but I think there's always a reason for things that happen in life and maybe little Ronda is still out there for me to find her and I'm sure that I will.

    Thanks again for your very encouraging words. You all are so nice. Have a great week!

  14. Hey Kathy, did you watch AI last night? I think I agree with the judges that this season is very bizarre! Some of the "duds" are soooo strange this year. And what about that crying guy, who couldn't use his guitar? You know, I thought he had an interesting voice and was kinda surprised that he didn't make the cut but he was such an emotional wreck.

    And another guy from NC...loved his version of "Imagine" even though the judges seemed to think he was being too theatrical or something.

    I've been stockpiling a few blog entries too. I LOVED the ideas you posted on Slow Talk and am still thinking about that "One Word, One Photo" idea. I've got the photo but not the word yet!

    I agree with your advice...Maria, don't stress out about visiting and commenting, we understand! Plus, with this many people it might take a loooong time to comment on every blog every day. I'm not going to stress out if I don't or if I only manage to visit a few one day.

    Anyway, Kathy, I'm glad you are feeling better about the kitten. If we lived closer, I would go out and find one and bring it to you like Mason and Davis brought Maria to me. Ronda is out there, I know and you'll find her!

  15. Hi Annie, I did watch AI last night and have mixed feelings about some of the tryouts. I thought the judges let some through very easily (like that first guy, which I didn't really like) and yet gave some people a tougher time like TK (another great North Carolina talent) and the girl (Ann Marie) who they made audition again after her makeover. She should’ve been put through right away, because she was very good. I thought Jasmine was really good too. Bizarre is right, the guy with the beard…lots of crying dudes . . . and the guitar guy, wow! I thought it was uncool what he did with his mom. But the highlight of last night's show was definitely seeing Randy Jackson with his Du and jamming on his guitar with Steve Perry! :)

    Glad you liked my ideas. I really like all the ideas on Jerry's thread and will refer to them if I get stuck for sure! And on my one word, one photo, I have my word but am torn between two photos. It was kind of hard for me to limit myself but it made me really think about why I have grown to love slowing down my travels these past few trips! Changed my life.

    I am also going to try to read as many blog entries as I can and will not worry too much if I can’t get to everyone. I mainly lurk on blogs, but whenever possible I will make an effort to comment more frequently during the blog challenge. I have three posts scheduled already and have been working on more. I really like the schedule feature. I think it is a good idea to have them ready just in case we get some busy days where we might not be able to blog. So let the blogging begin . . .

    I’m actually home today, because I’m getting over the “cough” from hell and need to get a prescription for a cough medicine that seems to be the only thing that works for me! Need to definitely get better before the big Superbowl weekend! I acutally feel okay. Just can't get rid of this lingering cough.

    Yes, too bad you live too far away! And you would probably be able to find the right kitty too! You are so lucky how both Lulu and Little Maria came into your life like that. Amazing how Lulu just walked up to your house like that and how your nephews found Maria and brought her to you. Very cool stories. I know Ronda is out there too and will be very happy when I finally find her.

    Thanks again Annie and have a great day! I think Utah is tonight on AI!

  16. Hi Kathy, sorry to hear that you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better today and getting over that cough!

    I was flipping channels last night and didn't see every minute of AI but I did see that blonde girl who had lost her parents. Such a sad story. I liked her voice. I have a feeling that she will go far.

    And I agree with you that it was fun to see those old clips of Randy in Journey!

    Get well soon - hope the medicine is helping.

  17. Hi Annie, I'm actually feeling fine except for that cough. I didn't even want to stay home yesterday, but my supervisor was worried and highly recommended that I stay home and rest and maybe also see my doctor. I did and got more cough medicine to help me get rid of this cough faster.

    It's funny, but I actually fell asleep during the first half of AI! But woke up in time to catch that girl at the end! Very sad story and she has such an amazing attitude and sweet personality. I thought the family she is staying with is so nice too. I am so hoping that she goes far in the competition. I can see her being a popular contestant with the voters.

    Thanks for the comments Annie. Have a great day!


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