Monday, January 19, 2009

On the Eve of History . . .

It's been a long time coming, but change is finally here!

Starting at 7:00 am PST, History will begin! Enjoy the inauguration ceremony everyone!


  1. What a wonderful and glorious day! I am SO HAPPY!

    I'd planned to stay home anyway but now it is snowing and I couldn't go to work even if I wanted to. We don't get much snow in NC and I love to see it, it's so beautiful.

    So LuLu, Maria and I are going to hunker down, watch Obama, make some soup, and celebrate this amazing new day in history.

    Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. Whoo Hoo! It is definitely a glorious day! It's so cool that it's snowing! It was definitely meant to be that you stay home to watch the ceremony today!

    How fun to have fresh snow falling, being able to hunker down with your wild child Maria (I wonder if she'll like today's soup) and Lulu and enjoying today's inauguration! This is going to be so wonderful!

    Have a great day too Annie!

  3. "Oh brave new world, that has such people in it!"
    We went down to the food court in my building (where there are TVs, because our internet kept crashing!) and watched the Oath of Office, and Obama's amazing speech, which was so filled with hope and promise. I am thrilled that I was able to watch this historic moment. After the oath, all of us gathered in the food court broke out in cheers and applause! A bright new day for America, and for the world!!
    I was thinking of my American blog friends the whole time (especially chiocciola though, since she was there in person!)

  4. That song that was sung on Saturday was a perfect song for the concert.

    Happy Happy Day today! It was so wonderful seeing Obama finally get sworn in. He is our President!! I am so happy! :)

  5. Hi Anne, that's so cool that our neighbors to the north of us were tuned in and cheering. I have a feeling that the entire world was looking on to watch and share in the celebration of history being made.

    I think Chiocciola, Jane and her family and all the Slow Travelers who are there in DC are so lucky to be there in person to witness this wonderful and historical event. It's going to be such an unforgettable and memorable experience to have for a life time.

    It will be a long tough road for our new President but we have great confidence that he will lead us in the right direction.

    Have a great evening Anne!

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  7. Hi Girasoli, I loved that song too! I enjoyed watching the entire ceremony and really thought that Obama's speech was deliberate, honest, well worded and inspirational. He didn't give us over inflated promises but something better. He reminded us of our great history and that we are capable of weathering these tough times and achieving anything that we set our minds on doing.

    It was definitely an awesome and happy Day!

  8. I agree with you about his speech. No filler or fluff, he just cut right to the chase. It was very inspirational! And I loved seeing his little girl give him the thumb's up!

    I really enjoyed watching some of the Inaugural Balls last night too. And then I got up this morning and heard on Good Morning America that he is already at work in the Oval Office - wow! How wonderful to have someone who actually represents the people in that office again!

    I am so very happy about this! And I'm also still at home (the roads are very slick. I might try to go into work later if it warms up).

    Hope you have a great day!

  9. Good Morning Annie, that is so cool to hear that Obama is already hard at work. Wow with everything he did yesterday and he's at work already! Awesome!

    I'm so impressed with his little girls. It just shows how great parents they are as well.

    It was cool watching some of the the events. I missed the balls but watched a bit of the luncheon after the ceremony and then a little of the parade. I think everyone feels so much more uplifted under his leadership and that is huge.

    Sorry about all the cold weather you all are having. Be careful if you decide to go into work!

  10. Definitely one of the highlights of the concert. I enjoyed listening to it again. Thanks for posting it.

  11. Hi Marta, it was also one of my highlights too! The others being MJB, Bruce, U2 and Stevie W. Glad you enjoyed seeing it again.

    I had to giggle though when the camera panned over to Obama and in the back you can see this cute little girl sleeping right through most of the performances. I was secretly wanting the cameras to pan back to her after each performance just to see when she would wake up! :) The things I think of for entertainment . . .

  12. Kathy, you mentioned in a comment on my blog about doing test scheduled thought would pass along something I just learned from Kim.

    It can take an hour or two past your scheduled time for the post to be published. I didn't know that until Kim told me, and had been checking right away after my scheduled time, and thinking the scheduling feature just wasn't working on my blog. I guess the scheduling program only runs every so often, so if you miss an occurrence, your post won't be published until the next pass. Makes perfect sense, just never occurred to me, so thought I'd pass it along.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Anne, thanks so much for the tip. I would've thought it would post exactly at my scheduled time too! And I would've checked right at the time to see if it worked. I'm going to do a test scheduled post over the weekend.

    Have a great weekend too Anne!

  14. Hi! Just dropping by to say hello. :)

    It's been a lovely weekend here so far, bit of rain,a nd not too hot.

    Hope your weekend is going well. :)

  15. Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by! Glad you're having a lovely weekend. Today, we have some rain and it's a little gloomey, but it's still a Saturday and that's always fun.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Leslie!


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