Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beyond comparison . . .

This month's photo was taken on my 2006 solo trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. One of the most amazing things about Prague besides it's incredible history and it's wonderful people is the Architecture. Thousands of years of architectural history shaped what is now considered to be the most beautiful city in all of Europe. During my visit I was able to study the many Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings scattered throughout the cobblestone streets of Prague and it was an awesome experience!

This month's photo features these golden yellow buildings set below Prague Castle just on the edge of the famous Vltava river. From what I have read, buildings sprang up during the 16th century on Kampa Island or what is also known today as "Little Venice."

I sort of have to disagree with whoever made that comparison. I've been to both Prague and Venice and I find both cities to be unique (and beyond comparison) in their own special way.

If you love architecture, history and having a good time on your vacations, you will love visiting Prague! I definitely want to go back there just as I do Venice, because there is just so much to see. This photo is another example of the unique and interesting buildings that I discovered while exploring this fascinating City. It is located in the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) one block away from the Pinkas Synagogue. See what I mean when I say unique!

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