Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Venice at Night . . .

I have a confession! I have not yet finished my report nor completed labeling my photos so I can upload them. It is taking me more than forever to finish. I had hoped to get it done this weekend, but the distractions of the extra day off and great weather got in the way and I only managed just half a page. Yikes!

Great news for you though. There are some fantastic blogging going on from my fellow Slow Travelers such as Churches in Venice by AnnieNC. I love her personal insights, the historical details, her unique observations and all of her photos. If you're going to Venice, put Annie's blog on your "must" read list before your trip. You'll be glad that you did. Someday, I'd like to return to Venice and search out some of the really interesting things that I'm learning about on her blog.

Lately, I have been thinking about Italy again! As much as I want to visit other countries, my heart really does belong in Italy. I miss hearing the language, I miss the fun loving and "chilling" lifestyle of the Italian people. I miss saying Ciao'! I miss my pizza! And I miss my daily prosecco and gelato! (he, he)

As you may remember, before my trip I day dreamed a lot about walking the small and quiet calles throughout Venice and I literally obsessed over this Youtube video of VENICE AT NIGHT !

You'll be happy to know that I did get to enjoy strolling around Venice late into the night and my experience was almost exactly like what I watched on that YouTube video, minus the background guitar music, of course.

It's so awesome when the things you dream about actually do come true! Hey, isn't that verse from the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" Distractions again!

Anyhoo, here's my Venice at Night memory! Can you hear the music!


  1. Hi Kathy!

    Wow, those are some gorgeous photos. You know, I didn't try to take any night photos and now I wish I had!

    And thanks so much for all the kind words about my blog - it really keeps me motivated to hear that!

    I know what you mean about the delay in sorting and labeling photos; I am still going through mine too.

    And I can relate to your "heart belongs to Italy" thought. I'll be curious to see where you end up going this year! I'm torn too because there are so many places I haven't been and want to go.

    Thanks! Annie

  2. Hi Annie:

    You have such a cool and interesting Blog! I always look forward to reading each new entry.

    Thanks for your comments about my photos! Venice is just so beautiful, day or night.

    I do struggle each time I decide to plan a trip away from Italy. But like you said, there are so many other places in this world that I'd also like to see and experience. I’ll just have to make sure to squeeze in Italy every now and then to keep my heart happy!



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