Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm Back and Feeling Inspired!

I’m glad to report that I returned from my trip to Venice late on Tuesday safe and sound. It has taken me several long days to get back on the correct sleep schedule! I'm here on my live blog again, because I wanted to take this time to sort of summarize my post trip thoughts.

I want to say that I had an absolutely AWESOME time in Venice! On this trip I had the opportunity to really see and experience Venice the way it should be seen and experienced.

Here's what I learned: Venice is not only about Saint Mark's square and the dueling classical musicians that serve $20 coffees to tourist after tourist. Venice is also not just about going on a Gondola ride up through the Grand Canal and being photographed by friends so you can show your other friends that you were in Venice, Italy.

Don't get me wrong. When visiting Venice, you must see Saint Mark's Square, sit and enjoy a nice cappuccino, espresso or prosecco! You also should experience riding in a gondola down the Grand Canal and have your photos taken as a great souvenir. Heck, I did both of these things and had a blast! By the way, when cruising the Grand Canal, make sure to get a bottle of prosecco or fine wine, sit back and really enjoy the romance. You are, afterall, floating down the Grand Canal in beautiful Venice, Italy! What I am saying, is that these things are only a fraction of what it is to really SEE and EXPERIENCE here in Venice!

In addition to these two main tourist attractions, Venice is also about the small and intimate campos that fill the six districts, it is about the local neighborhood cafes and vendors, it is about the many museums and churches, it is about the history, art, music, beliefs and traditions of a grand City and it's people, it is about the activities of not only the famous Rialto market but also the smaller neighborhood markets, it is about the Venetian workers that commute to and from work on the numerous vaporettos everyday that work probably the hardest that I have ever seen in any other culture (remember, there are no cars here) . . . .

The way to really see and experience Venice is to stay for more than a few days. Wonder through her and explore the small and inviting calles. Cruise up and down the Grand Canal during the early morning hours just before sunrise and in the early evening hours just before sunset. Sample the great food and wine that are served in the many wonderful cafes and restaurants. Actively participate in the local traditions and customs that define this great culture and city. Spend time to converse with the locals in the small and intimate campos where families congregate. This, my friends is how you really get to see and experience Venice!

I loved Venice for its beauty and uniqueness. I loved the people of Venice. I loved the surprises I discovered while wondering the streets. I loved the serene and quietness of the early morning and late evening hours. And I loved feeling a part of a local neighborhood in this wonderful city. My trip was wonderful and I just know that I will return again one day to this beautiful City!

I was just thinking about my trip this morning and I have discovered that my travel style has forever been changed by this trip (Thanks in large part to the Slow Travel Community).

Now, I'm already beginning to feel inspired for my next trip. I think it started when I attended mass at one of Venice’s most prominent churches.

As I sat there and participated in this special annual event (Fiesta La Salute), I experience a spiritual awakening. And I’m not really referring to this in a religious sense.

I discovered that I really enjoyed learning and participating in a culture's tradition/celebration. I was fascinated. What a natural RUSH! So I’m thinking that I would also enjoy experiencing this in other cultures. How cool to be a part of something so special all around the world.

I really love Italy and I see myself spending a lot of future trips there. Maybe as early as 2009! But I also have a burning curiosity and desire to learn about other cultures around the world.

I found this Youtube video on India and was immediately inspired by it. India is on my must see list as Turkey and Peru to hike Machu Picchu. You know, I always wait for inspiration when planning my trips. Last year, when I read a great book called Chow Venice I became inspired to visit Venice again.

This Youtube is beginning to inspire me to visit someplace widely different then other countries that I have visited in the past. India! Peru! Thailand! Nepal! Chile! Africa . . . .

These images and musical background are almost
mesmerizing . . .

So stayed tuned folks . . . .

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