Monday, December 17, 2007

Cha ching . . .

I'm guessing you already figured out where I am from my title! I'm here in the very hip and loud planet Hollywood! Nothing like sipping a starbucks grande at a poker machine with born to be wild belting out over the speakers. This is on just two hours of sleep after getting in at 1:30 in the mornig! Where else but in VEGAS baby!

Finally went to bed around 4:00 am, after having a late night meal! So what did I have? Pizza! I wish! Close, I had some pomodoro and it was very good. Maybe even as good as I've had in Italy! Go figure! I wonder if their chef is from Italy!

And I get to visit Venice again! Well, fake Venice of course. I hope to also see fake Prince (Purple Reign) at the Monte Carlo!

Well gotta run!

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