Monday, November 26, 2007

Arrivederci Italy . .

Some random thoughts and photos . . . First, presentation is everything here . . . (A photo I took from one of the vegetable stands I came across)

My first prosecco in Venice!

My first meal in Venice (Sole Filet with vegetables) at La Culcina Restaurant . . .

Campo Santa Margherita . . .

The day has finnaly arrived. My last full day in Venice. And here's some random thoughts of my experience

- First, I love Italy more now than ever!

- I have discovered that I am a true Slow Traveler. (Thank you Pauline and Steve for creating Slow Travel, I never would have discovered this way of traveling had it not been for your creation). I enjoy staying in one location for more than a few days. It really does give you the opportunity to get to know culture. They say to immerse yourself in the experience. It's all true!

- I love staying in an apartment in a real neighborhood. I felt more a part of it. I don't think I really understood this concept until now.

- I enjoyed the wonderful and beautiful art, visiting the churches/museums, seeing the spectacular scenery.

- I loved riding the Vaporetto early in the morning and watching Venice come alive. And I also loved riding it late at night when Venice was coming to another beautiful end. I had to invest in a scarf and gloves because I especially loved that first seat at the front of the No. 82 Vaporettos.

- I loved my early morning walks/runs around my neighborhood then stopping off for some breakfast at my neighborhood caffe.

- I loved the food, prosecco/wine and especially the gelato.

- I loved the small and intimate campos that fill the Districts of Venice. They are not large and grand like San Marco Piazza but I enjoyed them way better. I actaully didn't get a chance to have my cup of memories in San Marco like I had planned but I had something much better. I had my cup of memories in these wonderfuly small and intimate campos (Campo San Stefano, Santa Margarita . . . ). There were no dueling classical music but there were the sounds of life in Venice. Families conversing, children riding their bikes and laughing and vendors selling their products to the locals. I loved all of it.

- I loved my day trips to Treviso, Ravenna, Ferrara and the Dolomites . . .

- I appreciated the history and traditions of Venice. I even was lucky enough to participate in a special annual tradition called the La Salute Fiesta.

- But the most memorable (as always) things that I will remember most about this trip are the people. My fellow tour mates, fellow travelers, local vendors, waiters, the Caffe ladies who made the best panini's and a couple of locals who I may even stay in touch with. Each one of them taught me something and I have the deepest appreciation for having had the pleasure of meeting them.

So today, I will enjoy my last full day here. I hope to return again soon but until then I will say Arrivederci to Italy until we meet again. . . .

Thank you to all the people I have met, all of you who took the time to read my blog.

And to Italy! I say Ciao' and thank you for a wonderful time. It was so Awesome!

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