Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here comes the sun . . .

The sun has finally decided to reappear today and I am soooo happy. Afterall, I am a Southern California Girl and three days of overcast wet weather was more than I have seen in a while.

Yesterday I had my Dolomite tour up to Cortina. There were three other pepole booked on the tour with me. A mother and her two teenage sons from Vermont. They were really nice and I was glad that they were on the tour with me. Our tour guide was Stefano. A very nice, older gray haired gentlemen that was a really good driver. And that is saying a lot from someone that suffers from motion sickness. It rained the whole time that we were there but I was still so happy to have seen a bit of the Italian Dolomites. We passed through some very nice scenice towns just under the shadows of those sharp jagged edged mountains. There were ski lifts and bike paths going through some of the towns. I couldn't even imagine riding here! But if I could, I think it would be an awesome trip. We had lunch in a very nice town called Auroonzo di Cadore. I had a pizza with (get this) french fries on it. I think it is called Pizza Margarita con fritas! We shared a half liter of wine then ended with a glass of grappa. My first time drinking grappa and I almost fell on the floor it was so strong. I think I like my prosecco much, much better.

It even snowed while we were eating our lunch and the scenery and atmosphere was simply awesome. The beauty of the Italian Dolomites was everything I was hoping for and I am sooo glad that I booked this tour.

Images of the small but delightful island of Burano

Basilica di San Vitale

Church of Sant' Apollianare in Classe, Byzantine art church is two miles from the center of Ravenna but worth the effort to visit it. You can take either take the Number 4 or 44 bus and it drops you off right there. Very easy to do.

great bar cafe in Ravenna
Venice in High water, it was a sight to see Beautiful Town in the Dolomites.

Well, gotta run. The sun is finally out so I have to go get a gelato and enjoy two more campos that I have not seen yet.

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