Friday, November 23, 2007

High Waters . . . and Photos!

Here is one of the Mosaics that I had the great pleasure of viewing during my day trip to Ravenna. I can't thank ST enough for steering me in that direction.

This is a shot of my secondi meal at La Gardela in Ravenna. Fabulous restaurant that was recommended by ST. The waiter actually recognized the picture I had of it when ordering. They even fixed it without the squid just the shrimp. That was very cool of them.

Here is a great sunset of the Grand Canal while riding the Vaporetto Number 1

This is a shot of the La Salute Church during the annual Fiesta La Salute on Nov. 21. It was an amazing experience to be here for this special day.

I couldn't get to an internet yesterday so here I am trying to catch up. First of all, I absolutely love staying in an apartment for the very first time and I really love staying in a real neighborhood and not in a touristy part. I think this experience has really changed how I will travel on future trips. I think after this trip I have finally earned the status of a REAL Slow Traveler. It's so Awesome! Goes to showt hat Life is continually moving and changing. And on this trip I am reminded that sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone in order to discover new experiences. It makes things exciting. It makes it new. It makes things adventurous. And you feel alive.

On this trip I have had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people (just as I had the good fortune of doing last year). Some have been travelers that I have met in passing, some have been my local neighborhood vendors like the kind woman that showed me how to wear my scarf after I bought it, to some local people I met and have had a great time hanging with. One in particular, but that is a whole other story. Let's just say that I have really grown to LOVE Italy even more now then ever. I think I may stay in touch with one person at least, who knows. And just maybe some day I will be able to stay for longer periods of time . . . say 3 months! That would be cool.

Yesterday it rain steadily for the first time, so I decided to visit the Peggy G. Museum. It was very cool. I actually like Modern Art a lot, not many people do. I went very early (as soon as they opened) and that was smart of me because there were times when I had the whole room to myself and I could literally take my time admiring and studying each piece. It was really beginning to rain more steadily, but I manageed to make my way to Campo Santa Margharita for a really late lunch at Dickins Inn (Another Chow recommendation). Let's just say that all the meals that I have had from Chow have been great and the ones that I happened across on my own has not been great. That's what I get for trying to be creative. I learned early on to just stick to their recs.

On Wednesday, I forgot to mention my first trip to the Rialto Market! This was an amazing place that literally filled all of my senses. There was the smell of fresh fish, the bright colors of all the fresh fruit and vegatables that filled the stands and the sounds of the vendors and local residents conversing with great animation I might add. This was such a great place to see some action.

Anyway, back to yesterday. As I was walking back after my great meal topped with a cup of gelato from across the ways I ran into a group of americans. One of the ladies stopped at this restaurant to read if they were serving turkey! She reminded me that yesterday was Thanksgiving Day! I completely forgot. I sort of did miss the traditional dinner and get together with friends and family and bumming around watching football until dark. But you know what. Having a great meal in Venice Italy isn't too shabby either! I gave thanks to having this opportunity. Later, it became uncomfortable walking in the rain so at the last minute I hopped on the Varporetto and decided to cruise the Grant Canal in the dark and in the rain. It was something spontaneous and in hindsight what a great and unique Thanksgiving Day memory that I can look back on for years to come.

Today, I was surprised with my first dose of high waters in Venice! It was unbelievable. I literally stood on the corner near my apartment and watched as locals and tourists maneuvered this patch of high water. People had high rubber boots, some had plastic bags, some had these high plastic like boots wrapped and the poor unluch souls with nothing got their shoes wet. I of course was one of those unlucky unprepared tourists. I watched as people got soaking wet. One lady actually fell (I felt so bad for her and actually rushed over to see if I could help). She got her whole backside wet but smartly held on to her nice SLR camera. I would've done the same.

So what should I do. I went in the opposite direction toward the La Salute stop. I was going to visit two more campos but just had to go to Piazza San Marco to see the high waters there. And I did and it was unbelievable. I watched Youtube videos of this and was in awe and now I was seeing it live. I walked around and bought one of those temporary boots (I'm thinking this would be useful if on the day I leave I have high waters again). I then bought a scoop of gelato and enjoyed watching the activity. Don't ask me why? I just found it so interesting. Now I do, but I'll be praying there is none of this when I leave Venice. Lucky my suitcase converts to a backpack.

Well, I'm out of time again so off I go. More high waters and more campos to discover. Its funny but I have really grown to enjoy visiting and discovering the small and intimate campos that fill Venice. And I have rarely visited San Marco! Interesting!

Well, ciao' for now.

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