Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starting to feel like a local . . .

You know that you are starting to feel like a local when the local baker recognizes you as you go in to buy some breakfast goodies! And you know what? It feels good. Yesterday was very long as at the last minute I decided to take a trip to Burano and Torcello. I had read about these two islands (Burano for their famous lace and colorful quaint houses) and Torcello with its inhabitants of a measly 20 venetians but more famously for where Hemmingway stayed at the Locanda Hotel. It is a quiet little island with a campanile that I decided I wanted to climb (which I did). Very few tourists were in Torcello and I pretty much (at one point) was up there all by myself.

I finally found the Accademia Pizza Restaurant which was recommended in Chow and had my pizza and prosecco. It was great. Sat next to a really interesting couple (of course I told them about ST). Last year my favorite drink was those Hot Wine drinks and this year it is definitely prosecco! I love them so much I've had several already. And although it has been brisk I've managed to have several gelatos. You know me. I've had vanilla (cream), pistaschio and my all time favorite, coco! Whoo Hoo!

Today, I visited the Salute Church and actually stayed for Mass. As I sat there and watched and listened to the Italian Priest, I gave thanks for the health of the people around me, namely my sister and her family, myself and my friends. I did light several candles and gave several prayers for those that I know were ill (you know who you are, Bea's niece Iza, Yolanda's mom) and for the continued health my sis.

I am really enjoying myself here. So much to see and do. So much to eat and drink (this part I'm really loving).

On Thursday I took the Doges Palace and Secret Itinerary tour which was pretty awesome!

Anyway, I still can't seem to log in to my e mail so hopefully people are reading this to know why I haven't yet e'mailed them.

I'm definitely having a blast here and I'm in particular enjoying being in one place for a while. On Monday I leave for Ravenna for an overnight day trip. That will be exciting.

Well, gotta run as my time is running out!


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