Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ciao from Venice

I finally found an internet cafe on my third day here. For a brief overview, I arrived safely and the weather was nearly perfect. Brisk yet sunny! With no time to waste I went on the hunt for my first meal. I could not find the Accademia Pizza Restaurant from Chow, so settled at La Cucina Restaurant! What did I have, a fantastic Sole Filet with vegatebles, and a very nice glass of Proseco! It was the best meal I have had in a while. Or just maybe it is because I was savoring it while sitting in Venice.

Funny thing is, I have been to Venice twice before (as one of those hoards of daytrippers) and yet this was the first sunset that I have seen while Venice. That seemed so wrong to me and maybe that is why I am here. To correct this travisty and make it right. And my first sunset experience in beautiful Venice was absolutely spectacular. The boats were whizzing by, people were strolling along the walkway, I was enjoying a great dinner and a brilliant glass of prosecco. Life is good! Actually life is GREAT!

I hope to catch up on my blog more now that I have found this internet site. It is near Campo Margarita!

I tried to e mail some people, but of course I can not remember my password and just gave up. Hopefully people will read my blog.

I am thinking of going to Burano and Torcello tomorrow! Of course I already experienced being lost in Venice but during the process found a great gelato place! Oh the little surprises one finds when walking the calles of this great city.

Ok, oky ciao again...

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