Monday, November 19, 2007

Awesome Mosaics and Random Thoughts!

I'm here in Ravenna and am taking advantage of the free internet offered by my Hotel (Hotel Bryon). The Mosaics are nothing short of spectacular! I mean the intricate detail, art, significance and work that was put into this was incredible. I just couldn't believe how really magnificent they are. I also found out that there is an actual school that teaches how to create these mosaic master pieces. How, do I know this? Well, while trying to find St. Vitale I got lost and walked into their school. An honest mistake, I saw their mosaics near the entrance and thought I found what I was looking for. He He . . .

Anyway, I have to thank those ST'ers who recommended Ravenna (Colleen, Shannon, Cubbies, Dragonpat, Zerlina, JeanneM). Yesterday, I had the pleasure of also visiting another recommended town called Treviso(Thanks also to Jim and Michael). Gosh I hope I didn't miss anyone.

I really like Ravenna a lot as well as Treviso. Lots of cyclists (just my kind of town). The shopping opportunities are also fun.

And then there was the moment! This is a really long story, not to go into detail here. It's nothing bad, just wow!

Trying to catch up again...I discovered a great route for my morning runs. It is very close to my apartment and is along the opposite Canal from the Grand Canal. It is simply fabulous to run along with no one around. It's dark, it's quiet and it's Venice, Italy! Another random thought . . . I learned that I love riding the vaporetta early in the morning (before the tourists arrive and the Venetians head into town for work). It is cold but so incredible to watch Venice come alive! The opposite of that is taking the Vaporetto late at night when all the tourists are gone and workers have retired for the evening. It is amazing and is everything like what I saw on that Youtube video that I had been obsessing for weeks. I love my local bar and caffe and enjoy going there in the morning and evening. Can you tell I haven't cooked once! What can I say. I am however making good use of the frig and washing machine though!

Oh, there is just too much in my head that has happened so far and it is all good!

Okay, back to Ravenna. I just returned from a bus ride out of town to see the Apponile Classe Church which was awesome. And now I'm just waiting for La Gardela Restaurant to open so I have dinner. I missed lunch since I was running around trying to see all the Mosaics and am starving. Maybe I'll go have a little prosecco! He He!

well, ciao again!

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