Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Strolling, Cruising, Eating, drinking and learning . . .

My day trip to Ravenna and Ferrara was a big success. I really loved Ravenna. I got off the train in Ferrara and spent a couple of hours exploring. I went to the Castle and was amazed at the paintings. Climbed the tower and had a great view of the town. I'm so glad that I decided to stop off here. More details will be coming when I get home. I made it in time to continue on my same ticket to Venice. The next train was a Eurostar and so I had to pay extra since my ticket was only a regional train. Well, I figure I had never taken a Eurostar before so in life there are always first times to be had. And I did. I can really see why it is more expensive. Even the second class section looked really elegant. I had a really enjoyable ride there. When I arrived back at my apartment I realized how much I really missed it. Especially my big and comfy bed.

Today, is a relaxing day. I got up in time to walk over to the La Salute Festival event. I went earlier so I could attend a mass before the real crowds came. Local Venetians were walking towards this grand chruch from all directions. Over the temporary bridge, from the side calles, from the vaporetta . . . They came with their hopes, their prayers, their thoughts. . . . They purhcase their candles and enter the church to light them in memory of a loved one perhaps. What I know is that everyone has their reasons.

I see a Kiosk nearby run by some nuns. I "thought" they were selling these items. They had holy water and other things. I asked Quanto costa! And they responded with a smile and a flurry of words . . . all in Italian. Finally, one of the nuns hands me a Virgin Mary statue with holy water. I finally figured out that that they were not selling these but giving them to people. I say with a humble smile to them and the Italian man that was trying to help me and the nuns with our communication .... a very sincere grazie'. I felt like such a heel. This little statue with the holy water will be one of my most prized souvenoir! It will remind me of the humbleness and graciousness of the Italian people here in Venice.

While in the church during the earlier mass (which I again enjoyed). The singing was made even more beautifuly by the acoustics in the church. I actually sang along in Italian once I learned the verse. This experience was definitely special.

Guess what? I finally decided to buy some groceries. Finally! They consisted of half a dozen eggs, some bread and cheese and a bottle of prosecco. What can I say! I love that drink.

I went to visit (Campo Ghetto Nuovo) in the district of Cannargio. I really liked wondering through Cannargio. It seems like a real neighborhood here. People standing around, kids playing soccer . . . I of course stopped in a little caffee to get a quick bite to eat and at a nearby gelatario for more gelato. Not even cold weather can stop me from this treat. Remember, its been two years since I've been back to Italy!

After my little self tour of this great neighborhood I head out to see more churches and campos. Stopped by Campo di S Alivso (and church), Madonna dell Orto church and San Marcuola. All covered by the Chorus pass which I bought at a Slow Traveler's recommendation (Thanks again Annie).

Well, I think my 30 minuti is up and I have to run.

Ciao' and safe travels everyone!

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