Wednesday, April 15, 2015

American Idol Season 15: Top 7 Perform & A Favorite Is Eliminated

Sorry to have missed last week's show and vote.  To quickly recap, last week, Quaasim and Rayvon landed in the bottom two and with the new Tweeter save vote, Rayvon stayed and Quaasim was eliminated. America thankfully got that save right.

As a point of interest, it has been revealed on some Idol websites that only the top 5 (rather than the top 10) contestants will be invited to go on the American Idol Summer Tour.  I'm wondering if this big change has something to do with their low TV ratings.    

First Performance: 
Jax - Piece of My Heart (Great and super cool performance)
Clark Beckham - Superstition (Loved the scatting at the beginning but overall this wasn't one of his best vocals)
Nick Fradiani - American Girl (He did a great job)
Tyanna Jones - Why Do Fools Fall in Love (She just continues to deliver)
Quentin Alexander - Are You Gonna Go My Way (A Strong Performance, but he continues to have "pitch" problems.)

After Quinten's performance there was a very uncomfortable exchange between Quentin and Harry after Quentin expressed his disappointment of seeing his good friend, Joey, in the bottom two.  Joey and Quentin have become very close and he said that was "whack" to see Joey and Rayvon in the bottom.  Harry took that comment wrong and the misundertanding between the two played out in a very ugly way on live TV. Ouch!  I like Harry but I personally think that Harry overreacted to what was obviously a disappointed and emotional Quinten.  I'm glad that Quentin stood up for himself, but I agree with JLo, that there's a time and place for "emotions" and in the middle of a competition earning popular votes is not the best time to let the emotions get the best of you.  It'll be interesting how America will vote. I didn't vote for Quinten but I based it on performance and not his emotional outburst.  I think what happened tonight will either propel him or not. If it earns him more votes that's not fair to the other contestants because votes should be based on performance.    

It's revealed that Joey Cook and Rayvon Owen are in the bottom two and will have a sing off to earn the save votes from the fans.  By the narrowest of margins, Joey was sadly eliminated which was disappointing to me, because she has been one of my favorites all season.  

Sing Off Performance: 
Rayvon Owen - Always on My Mind (He really earned the top spot on the sing off with this performance. It was a great song choice and performance)
Joey Cook - Somebody to Love (All I have to say is I love her creativity, but for a sing off, a similar performance and song choice like It's a Mad World would've been I think better). 
Joey Cook - My Funny Valentine (It wasn't her best performance, but it was better than Rayvon)
Rayvon Owen - Long Train Runnin (It was okay, but there is just something too ordinary about this performance)

Second Performance: '
Tyanna Jones - Proud Mary (Best performance of the night! I loved her energy. )
Jax - Beat It (I loved her rocker, edgier take on this Michael J. classic)
Clark Beckham - Moon River (It wasn't his best, but he's so good that it should be enough to hopefully keep him safe)
Quentin Alexander - The Sounds of Silence  (Strong performance. He is clearly emotional and apologizes to the judges for the earlier exchange and tells them that he meant no disrespect).
Nick Fradiani - Only the Good Die Young (Pretty good, but not a stand out performance)

It's getting harder to vote since the remaining contestants are all so talented in their own unique ways, but there can only be one Idol and so here's how I voted.  Good luck to all the Idols. 

And that's my Recap.  Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. Hi Kathy, I'm sorry I've been missing in action - my job has been completely nuts! And I still haven't seen an episode of Idol - I hope to catch the finale at at least. Only 5 going on tour seems weird - wonder if it is to save money?

    Hope you are having a great spring! Thanks for your favorites on my Malta pics on Flickr...I still have so many that I haven't had time to edit yet!

  2. Me again, I saw on NPR that Prince is doing a Peace concert in Baltimore...very cool!

  3. Hi Annie,

    Your Malta photos are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them on Flickr. I haven't been on Flickr in many years and had to find my log in. Thankfully I was able to log on. It's fun viewing your photos that you post there. I miss seeing your PH pics.

    Thanks for the FYI on Prince. I've always thought that Prince is very connected to the needs of people (socially and politically). I'm glad that he's doing a concert in Baltimore to help the community heal and in a more positive, non violent manner. Music is the universal language for love and peace.

    I have to confess that I've missed a few episodes of American Idol too! :0 The problem is it is on at the same time as another favorite show of mine, Survivor. I love watching both, but I can watch taped performances of AI, but there is no free taping of Survivor that I can watch if I miss the show. So I wast Survivor and then the taped shows of AI. :) Since I don't watch the entire show live, I haven't felt confident and comfortable posting my usual Recap. Too bad I'm too cheap to invest in a DVR and I'm to lazy to record the shows.

    I think the correct final 5 was voted. I have a feeling the final two will be Jax and Clark. They are all talented so I'm sure no matter what happens they'll have successful careers. I think AI is on it's last leg these days. I have a feeling the reduced the tour members down to save money. Kind of sad. I am still a huge fan but I hope that make the show on a different night than Survivor otherwise I won't be able to continue my traditional Recaps which I do miss doing.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Mother's Day!


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