Wednesday, April 1, 2015

American Idol Season 15: Kelly Clarkson's Song Book

Tonight, guest mentor Kelly Clarkson returned to the Idol stage to help the Idols in performing songs from her song book.  I enjoyed seeing Kelly back on the Idol stage performing.  IMHO being the first will always be the most special Idol title to hold.

Here's how I rated tonight's performances (best to least liked):

Clark Beckham - The Trouble With Love Is (Best performance of the night. He keeps getting stronger each week. Love the bluesy touch.)
Jax - Beautiful Disaster (Second best performance of the night.)
Joey Cook - Miss Independent (I liked her jazzy interpretation.)
Rayvon Owen - Since U Been Gone (This is his best performance this season.)
Quentin Alexander - Dark Side (Another good performance.)
Nick Frandiani - Catch My Breath (I'm not sure it was his best performance, but I still liked it)
Tyanna Jones - Mr. Know It All (She is so talented, but I did feel a little disconnect from the emotions of the lyrics. I hope she makes it through.)
Qaasim Middleton - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (This is a better performance than last week.) 
Daniel Seavey - Breakaway (He's very talented and has made some great improvements during this season but still the weakest vocal in this group.)

The bottom two from last week's performance was Rayvon Owen and Daniel Seavey, but the fans were able to tweet who they want to save this week. Based on the tweeted votes, Rayvon was thankfully saved. He had a weak performance last week but I think it was right to save him over Daniel.

And here's how I voted this week:

And that's my Recap.  Keep on Rocking AI . . .

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