Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Trees

I enjoy traveling during the Fall Season when the leaves on trees changes from green to bright orange, yellow and even brown.  

Here is a beautiful walking path I found on Petrin Hill directly across from Prague Castle.  Most of the leaves have fallen on the ground which seems to brighten this walking path for the walkers.

On the opposite direction down the hill most of the trees are bare, but even leafless trees can present a beautiful view when you have a picturesque town like Prague in the background. :) 

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  1. Hi Kathy --

    Fall is just my favorite season period! For traveling, I try to travel to places when it'll be least wet there... ;)

    1. Hi YTSL, I like Spring too (even though it is tough on my allergies) and I agree that traveling in dry weather is ideal. :)

      Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful shots of the trees and a great view of Prague.

  3. I like walking among trees.

    Coffee is on

  4. Great shots, Kathy! That looks like a cool shrine in the first shot. Love it!

  5. I love the changing colors since the trees in my area are green.All.year.long.
    Beautiful pictures.

    bird & tree

  6. Although I don't live in a country with 4 seasons, I love to see the colour changing trees during Fall in my overseas friends' photos.

  7. Beautiful pictures ! I prefer spring to fall !


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