Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Bad Weather

While exploring around Machu Picchu you have to be prepared for good or bad weather as it can change from one minute to the next.  This is one of the reasons I planned my trip for 3 days here (plus I had that spur of the moment day trip as well).  I figured it would increase my chances of getting some good shots.

At the guardhouse an artist waits patiently for the clouds to clear so she can continue to work on her artwork. It took about an hour for the clouds to clear, but it was totally worth the wait. 

But clouds aren't the only things that can affect your visit to Machu Picchu.  I carried my rain jacket in my backpack just in case I needed it.    

Here's one tourist who didn't come prepared with a jacket, but found a very creative way to stay dry during those sudden down pours. :)

I have to admit that it was very clever of him.

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  1. Aaah Machu Picchu... a place I've long wanted to visit but have been scared off by the prospect of it being so very far away from where I am and also tales of huge crowds. But the day you went, it didn't seem too crowded, Kathy. Maybe the bad weather put some people off visiting?

    1. Hi YTSL, thanks so much for your comments. In these photos there weren't too many people "yet". Even in wet weather the visitors did come. The best thing is to arrive either very early before those bus tours filled with day trippers and school kids arrive or late afternoon when they all leave. I took the first bus up from Aqua Calientes to try to beat some of the crowds. On this day, there wasn't as many people but it did rain off and on. But it wasn't like constant rain.

      Have a wonderful not wet weekend.

  2. That was clever of him. I love rocks and these shots are very appealing to me.

    1. Hi Carver, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, those rocks are pretty cool. I'm glad you like these shots.

      Have a wonderful and hopefully warmer weekend.

  3. The tourist looks as if he enjoys this doubtful weather, lol !

  4. Wow. Machu Picchu would be awesome to see. Great photos!

  5. Cool photos! I love the 2nd one! Very creative :)

  6. Great photos! That guy was very creative. :) And I love the artist waiting for the fog to clear.

    It's kind of ironic - I wasn't able to do PhotoHunt last weekend because of bad weather! We had an ice storm and my electricity was out for 2 days. It was an adventure and I was so happy when the power came back on! It's been a wild winter here in NC and we are all so ready for spring time.

    Really enjoying seeing your Peru photos.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments everyone....

    Mike, Machu Picchu had been on my list for so long, I was beyond excited to have finally fullfilled my dream of standing on Machu Picchu last year.

    Girasoli, thanks for liking my photos. That guy was pretty creative alright. While I fumbled around to put my rain jacket on he just sat down with a view. :)

    Annie, I love that artist too. I should have gotten a tighter shot of her and her partial sketch. I've heard about the storms in your NC and on the east coast. Wow, no power for 2 days is definitely an adventure. Hope your kitties weren't too afraid in the dark. Thanks so much for liking my Peru Photos.

    Hope Spring arrives for all of you this weekend and gives you all some warmer weather.


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