Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Europe Travel Forum: My New Go-To Travel Community

Slow Travel Founder, Pauline Kenny, who runs a very informative site called Slow Europe has started a Travel Forum.

I'm very excited about this new community of Slow Travelers.  If you love sitting in a cafe watching the sun set on the glimmering waters of Venice, Italy, or hiking the beautiful trails in some of the most beautiful European locales, or staying in off the beaten path charming small villages/towns in Europe, then this travel community is for you. 

Recently, there has been many changes to the Slow Talk Community which I was a member of for the last 10 years. To be honest, I'm not opposed to change, heck Slow Talk was responsible for changing my travel style for the better. I have rolled with many of the changes on the SlowTalk board and have really tried to embrace them but when Internet Brand Management (new owners) asked what we thought made Slow Talk "Special" and members overwhelmingly responded that it was the sense of community, our shared passion for travel and our dedicated moderators, the owners announced that they are reducing the moderating staff and moving the forums to a new "less expensive" format.  Well, actions speak louder than words and that just demonstrated how much they value (or should say don't value) us as members and it was the last straw for me.  

These recent changes has disengaged me somehow. I can't explain it. What was once a comfortable community now feels like a stranger to me.  In the spirit of what was once imparted to me by other travelers on the SlowTalk community when I first started traveling, I'll continue to participate by replying to questions to help other travelers if I happen to be on the board and see their question. However, you will most likely find me in a place that feels familiar, feels comfortable and where I know I will learn and be inspired by other travelers. You will see me on the Slow Europe Forums

Thank you Pauline for creating a new home where my dreams can continue to live on.    

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