Friday, October 25, 2013

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Shadows

Some shadows have all the luck . . .

I took this photo years ago at the very lovely Ko Olina beach on the island of Oahu.  Gosh, I'd love to be here instead of heading to work this morning. :)

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  1. What a gorgeous photo! Love the light, the colors and the shadows. Yes, take me there instead of to work, LOL.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Kathy --

    Er... I think Gattina had Shadows as the theme last month, not for this week. But it also looks like quite a few people thought the same as you re today!

  3. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments...

    Annie, thanks for liking my photo. And yes I'd like to be there with a prosecco in my hands. :)

    YTSL, lol If someone else also had shadows, maybe it wasn't me afterall. I was beginning to think that maybe I wrote it down wrong. I like to type out a list of Gattina's themes so I can have it as reference while I'm out and about. I probably should review to make sure my list is up to day. Well my shadows do have a nice figurine like shape to them. :)

    Have a great weekend girls.

  4. Gorgeous place, the water looks inviting. I could spend the whole day here.
    Happy weekend Kathy!

  5. Hi ECL, yes it does look very inviting. I could spend an entire day there too. Happy weekend to you too.

  6. Calling by from Saturday's Photo Hunting Challenge as another participant, lovely shadows.

  7. Oh my! I'd love to be there right about now too!

  8. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments.....

    LindyLou, thanks so much for liking my shadow pics.

    Sue, yes I'm thinking now that the weather here is getting cooler, I especially wish I was on that warm sand along with these shadows. :)

    Have a wonderful eveing.


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