Friday, June 14, 2013

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Look Out of My Window

I'm looking out of my window.  Any guesses on where my window is located?

Here's another look out of the same window but this time from a different angle and with a more substantial clue! :)

If you guessed Italy then you are 100% correct.  More specifically I'm in the beautiful town of Siena in Tuscany.  I visited Siena in 2005 and I really want to return there some day.     

As you can see in this photo, it was raining on this particular day.  But you know what, somehow the raindrops in Italy seem sweeter, softer and cooler!  And my friend and I didn't mind getting some of that Italian rain fall on us while wandering around this beautiful town.  :)

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  1. After all your global trekking, is Italy still your favorite country to visit, Kathy?

  2. Oh wow Italy! Such a beautiful country. Heard that Tuscany is Heaven on earth. Where can I see the photos you took in Tuscany?

  3. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments....

    YTSL, I love all the places that I've visited and would enjoy revisiting all of them again given the opporutnity. But yes I would have to say that Italy and also Spain are my two favorites. :)

    ECL, Tuscany is beautiful. I was inspired to visit after watching the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. I don't think I've posted very many photos of that trip since I started this blog after I visited. I will gladly share. I'll work on a post to share some of my photos there. It's a very pretty part of Italy.

    Thanks so much for your comments girls. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Ah yes, these cute narrow streets !

  5. The last picture is my favorite gives it a mystery look.

    Mine is up and the coffee is on.

  6. Gattina, I have to agree, narrow and beautiful and fun to walk in. :)

    Dora, i love that photo too. Brings back found memories of Siena. Such a cool town.

    Thanks so much girls for your comments. Have a wonderful day today.

  7. I love these photos - makes me want to go to Italy!!!

    1. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I loved Siena (not as much as Venice), but I would love to spend a month in an apartment there one day. But then again I can do that anywhere in Italy, especially Venice. :)


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