Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Growing up my parents really made an effort to spend quality time with us no matter how busy they were. On weekends my mom would pack up a picnic and we would head over to a park near the beach for the day.

As we got older, my dad took on a second job and my mom in addition to her regular job sold Avon in her spare time to make ends meet.  In those later years we didn't have as much family time as we used to.  But still, as soon as they saved enough money we would take a vacation to the outer islands and one year they even saved enough for us to travel to California for the first time.  Those were really fond memories.
Unfortunately, we lost all of our family photos in an accidental fire of our storage unit, which was caused by one of our renters. Thankfully, I had taken a few of our family photos with me when I moved away as a keepsake. 
Here are a couple photos of one of those family trips we took together to the Big Island. 
Here's my dad, sis and mom . . . .

And here's me and my dad . . .

Thank you mom and dad for all the hard work you did to provide for us and for taking us on these wonderful family trips.

Happy Father's Day Dad!  Much love always.
And Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there.


  1. Thanks for this introduction to your dad. So sorry that you lost some of your family photos - glad you still have these!

    1. Hi Annie, thanks so much for you kind words. Yes, thank goodness I had taken several photos with me, other wise we would have no photos of our parents and childhood. But I suppose as long as we have the in our memories that is most important, still it warms my heart to be able to see them every now and then in these photos.


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