Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: My Patagonia Glaciers Experience begins in El Calafate

I can't believe that I am so behind on my blog.  I've been sightseeing and keeping busy, but the Internet is a little slow, so it takes me a while to upload.  I hope to get all caught up before I leave for Iguazu Falls next week.  

Before I get to my All Glaciers & Perito Moreno tours which I took last Monday and Tuesday, I have to say a little about my journey there. :) The flight from Buenos Aires is 3 hours, then from the very small airport you can take a shuttle bus to the town of El Calafate.  I did no research and neither did a group of us on how to get from the airport to our hotels/hostels.  We all stood around until one girl read her guidebook which said that there should be Airport shuttle buses that we could take for 45 pesos.  Sounds good so we all head over to their counter and buy our tickets.

It is a very small town, but it is a little spread out and so it took about 40 minutes for the shuttle to bring everyone to their lodgings.  My hotel was located in the center of town so I was the second to the last person left on the bus. 

After checking in to my hotel, I went to check out the sights.  It's a really small town with one main street and lots of shops that cater to tourists and hikers.  While walking around I crash into a few of the people on the plane and chat for a bit and then like sonar radar, I spot an ice cream place.  Surprisingly, it is a little warm here and so I treat myself to a double scoop.  Here is a few images of my trip and of the tow of El Calafate.

Haven't climbed up stairs to board a flight in a long time. I kind of liked it!

The plane wasn't full, so I managed to snag a window seat in the exit row.  I had some great views on the way to El Calafate.

Here's the main drag in town. 

I wish I had taken a better shot. I thought this was adorable.

There are these birds here in town, which sounds like they are laughing when they talk and it is so funny. They almost look like ducks.  I spotted one of them sittig on the roof of the bank right across from my hotel.

Next up, my All Glaciers and Perito Moreno Tour.  I've also created a cool movie with some video that I shot, so stay tuned.  It will probably take awhile to upload so I'll have to do it when I know I'll have at least one hour of free time to complete the upload.  :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun! It's been a while since I climbed stairs into a plane too. I didn't realize the glaciers were so far away from BA. Love that pic out the airplane window. Cool laughing birds too!

    Thanks for blogging (sorry it's slow) - keep having fun! Annie

  2. That looks so exotic, and what an adventure! I look forward to seeing more photos. Hope you're having a wonderful time!


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