Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: My All Glaciers Tour Preview

My All Glaciers Tour started very early with a pick up at 7:30 am and after picking up the tour members, we headed out toward the port.  The landscape is very interesting and it almost seems impossible that there are actual ice glaciers only a few miles away. 

After about an hour's drive, we arrive at the port.  We are instructed to purchase our entrance fees ($100 pesos) to the Los Glaciers National Park, then we are told to proceed to the port to board our boat.  The boat is pretty big and it is going to be full with tourists. 

We were the last bus to arrive, so there are hardly any seats left.  By the door I noticed an empty seat next to a lady.  She is a solo traveler from the Netherlands and I ask if the seat next to her was empty and she said yes.  Lucky me, not ony is she really nice, but it is right next to the door.

Once on board we are greeted by the Captain and given safety instructions.  It’s very similar to a plane, everyone has to remain seating during departure and then once we are away, they open the decks and we are free to roam around.   The entire tour took several hours as we toured Lago Argentino to see three Glaciers:  Onelli, Upsala, Spegazzini and the Perito Moreno Glaciers.  It's very intereting that all are receeding except for Perito Moreno.  Sadly, some say that part of the reason may be due to Global Warming. 

While I'm editing my photos, let me first share a brief video I made as a preview.


  1. Brilliant video, Kathy! What a gorgeous tour (although that wind coming off the glaciers looked pretty chilly) Thanks for taking us along with you!

  2. This is so very cool! Love the video. Makes me want to visit a glacier!


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