Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Work, play, movies & other stuff . . .

Yesterday I decided to chill a bit after my long travel day to Paestum on Thursday. First, I enjoyed a morning chill session at Bar del Sole.

It was a lovely morning.  I thought this was such a great visual.  Three good friends enjoying a nice morning conversation with a great view.

Next, I took the bus to check out the town of Maiori.  I enjoyed exploring around the town.  And although it wasn't Black Friday here, in keeping with some tradition I did do a bit of gift souvenir shopping.  :)

We all know that Positano is in several movies but I did not know that the town of Maiori was the setting on several films by Roberto Rosellini.  While exploring around the town I stumbled onto this location where a scene from his movie "The Miracle" (the second episode of the film "L'Amore" - Love) in 1948, was filmed.

Seems like the town is already prepared for the Christmas Holidays with their decoreations all put up.

And can't leave Maoiri without finding something fun to photograph . . . I think the kids rides here are so much more colorful than the ones at home. :)

While riding on the bus I saw two very different and interesting ways in which the locals manage to move heavy loads for construction purposes around.  With such hilly cliffs and hard to reach places I can only imagine how challenging it is here.  

First, for the really heavy and difficult to get to places you need to bring in some air support.  From the bus ride we see this helicopter lifting this really large and heavy object over to the hills from this big barge anchored off shore. 

And for the smaller (but yet still heavy and difficult jobs), the locals use pack mules.  Here, the worker must haul heavy stones from somewhere up on the hills back down to his truck. He uses two primary adult mules.  The baby mule apparently is used to lead the other mules from the front. 

And that's how I spent my after Thanksgiving Day Friday here on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Ciao for now.   


  1. That is so cool! I've not ever seen donkeys working in Italy (in China, yes; but not Italy!) What a beautiful spot you've found.

  2. Cool - I had never even heard ot this village before - thank for sharing your visit.

    I am always amazed at the ways Italian cope with their natural environment - such a different way than we do it in North America. I think the first time I realized this was watching garbage being collected in Venice. It sure struck home again watching folks doing construction along the Amalfi coast.

  3. Great photos! I love those 3 friends. And the mules, what a great find!


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