Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Grotta dello Smeraldo & How I made Paper

Yesterday, even after reading such negative reviews from Trip Adviser, I decided to take this boat ride (10 euro) from Amalfi to see the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto).  And although the experience wasn't quite on the same level as the Blue Grotto on Capri, in my opinion I thought it was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot!

The views of the coast from the boat was almost worth the experience . . .

Boarding the boat.

Leaving Amalfi

Views of the Coast from the Boat were amazing!
When we arrive at the sea cave location, I paid 5 euro to the guide and then boarded this small multi-seat boat where the guide paddles around the cave describing the history of how it was discovered and also to the location where you can really see the emerald color coming from beneath water level. It was really beautiful.  And the rock formations inside the cave was really cool too.

Approaching location of sea cave entrance.

Entrance to sea cave

Rock formations inside the cave

More rock formations inside the cave.
Once we boarded the boat again they guides then take us inside to see the Fjord of Furore.

The boat ride back to Amalfi was very pleasant and since I took photos going I pretty much relaxed and took in the scenery on the return trip which was really nice.

Next, I decided to finally see the Paper Museum.  My first attempt failed as they were closed when I got there. I'm so glad that I returned because the experience and what I learned was really interesting.  The entrance fee includes a live guide taking you down to where the machinery is located and she then describes the equipment, the process and the history. 

It is really quite a process . . . .

Entrance to Museum

Some of the Equipment used to make the paper

This is where you dip the tray in to make the paper (cotton is used).

The paper tray where the liquid is put on which makes the paper. You dip this in this big container.

The guide let me even try to do it. I dipped the tray in the liquid and then pressed it over this other sheet on this woodend stand. That was pretty fun to try it. :)


This is what it "should" look like. He, he.

More equipment. This one looked like a newspaper press. Over the years they invented newer equipment which would improve the time it took to make the paper.

Water from the mountain is used in the process as well.

Here she explains how the water system is used in making the paper.
After my day long adventures, I decided to have a quick bite at this restaurant in Amalfi before heading back to Praiano. They even had live entertainment.

This musician was really good.

While enjoying my pizza and the wonderful music of this musician  I reflect back on my adventures.  I really enjoyed seeing the sea cave and have no regrets for going even after reading the negative reviews from Trip Advisor.  Sometimes as a traveler you really need to experience things for yourself and make up your own opinion.  Afterall we are all really different people with different likes and dislikes and what may be a negative experience for one person may be an amazing experience for another. 

The other thing I learned is that I will definitely have to keep my day job because I would make a terrible paper maker! 

Okay, time for another adventure. Ciao for now. :)


  1. I know what you mean about trip advisor . . . many of the negative reviews seem to trivial. It is easy to fire off on the internet when you're cranky. Now the reviews on slowtravel - those are revies one can trust!

  2. What an interesting day! I agree, we need to take all reviews, both positive and negative, with a grain of salt. I'd enjoy that paper museum a lot!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I have been loving all of your blog entries, your descriptions AND your photos!!! Sounds like you have having a fabulous time!

    So cool that you made it to the paper museum. Thanks so much for writing all about it and posting photos.

    I think I would have also enjoyed the boat ride to the grotto. Glad you did.

    Looking forward to more Italy posts :)

  4. I'm glad you had such a fantastic day, and tried the Emerald Grotto tour. That, and the Blue Grotto, are sights that I've always wanted to do. And making paper in such a historic setting must have been such a cool experience!

    See you Friday!


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