Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: The Town of Amalfi . . .

Yesterday, I decided to visit the town of Amalfi . . . but first some breakfast and internet surfing. Check out my morning view.  :) 

Amalfi was once a very powerful Maritime Republic rivaling Genoa, Venice and Pisa.  It’s a cool town which seems busier than Praiano and Positano.  There are lots of shops selling touristy items.

The center of town is not very far from where the Sita bus drops you off.  Once you cross the narrow road through this Arch, you are in the main Piazza del Duomo.  Here you immediately see the Arab-Norman façade of the Cathedral.  It has lace like open arches and an 11th century  bronze door from Constantinople.  The tiled cupola is typical of Amalfi coast churches.  The fee to enter is 3 Euros and it includes entrance to the Clositer of Paradise, the Basilica of Crucifix, the Crypt and the Cathedral. 

The Cloister of Paradise is the ancient cemetery for the noblemen of Amalfi, built between 1266 and 1268.  Here you can enjoy the charm of the characteristic interlaced arches, supported by 120 slender columns in the Moorish style.  The greenery of the small Mediterranean garden at the center of the Cloister filters through the pure white row of columns. 

Along the side there are various sarcophagi and ancient Byzantine pulpits of the Cathedral.  From here you can also get a glimpse of the Amalfi Cathedral’s bell tower (1180-1276).  It is decorated in the Moorish style with polychrome majolica tiles.   

The Crypt is the heart of Amalfi because here are preserved the head and other bones of Saint Andrew, Jesus’ first disciple.  The Cathdral has a baroque interior dating to the early 18th century.

While looking around to find the paper museum I get lost in the maze of narrow alleys. Here away from the tourist crowds I can get a sense of local life here.  Laundry hanging, the sounds of conversation and music coming from the inside of these homes.  It’s pretty cool.

Then I stumbled onto the Arte e Carta the little paper making store that Samantha Brown visited when she was here in Amalfi.  Here I meet the daughter who spoke with Samantha.  I mentioned to her that I saw that Travel Show and was very impressed with their store so I was really glad that I found it. 

She then showed me a plaque on the wall with a photo of her father with Samantha Brown’s name underneath.  I was quite sad to hear that her father passed away 4 years I ago.  She proceeded to show me around the store indicated her father’s mark on the paper.  Here is where I decided to purchase a print. It is beautiful and made on the homemade paper that her father made.  She was even kind enough to pose for me in her store and with her sweet cat.  She then asked if I could e-mail her a copy of the photo which I happily did.

I discovered where I need to go to try to see the Valley of the Mills.  But that will be for another day without my big camera. J

Well, I can’t help but give you another sunset shot….

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for your kind comments.  


  1. Beautiful sunset! I can see why you are so enamored with Amalfi.

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. They have the most amazing sunsets here and I feel so lucky to have the chance to photograph them. :)


  3. Fantastic photos! Another great church you found and the cloisters are so beautiful. It's funny because I remember seeing Samantha Brown visit that shop on her show! Very cool that you went there too.

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!

  4. What a beautiful Duomo, Kathy! Your photos really convey what a delightful spot this must be.

    I also love your morning and evening views!

  5. Kathy, love the pictures of you Great outfit--tres chic!

  6. I'm enjoying your blog posts as well. So sweet of you to email a copy of the photo to the young lady. I adore visiting paper stores while I'm in Italy. Nothing compares to the beautiful designs and quality of paper.

    Your photos are quite stunning, thank you for sharing!!

  7. Chicken skin and breathtaking all in one. Such a great day and you will have a memorable souvey of your trip. Menehune

  8. What a great day! my mom found that paper shop and made many purchases there. ;-)


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