Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Chez Black . . .

Today I visited Ravello and what a beauty! I leave for Capri tomorrow, so I am unable to devote the time Ravello deserves.  I will have to postpone my post about my visit there until I return from Capri. 

But for now here's a quick post on how well I'm eating here on the Amalfi Coast.  Here's my post on my dining experience at Chez Black in Positano.

And here's the wall of fame!  I wonder if Mr. Steinbeck's photo is one of them?

I started with a wonderful Caprese salad. Although I don't eat a lot of cheese I actually liked it.  

Next my delicious grilled Sea Bass (and they offer to take out the bones for you)  . . . .

When the dessert tray came around, let me tell you I was so tempted.

The service was excellent and you can see the owner come by to greet customers and help the waiters/hostess. 

So if you find yourself in Positano, get yourself to Chez Black for a great meal, great view and a great place for people watching.

Chez Black
Via del Brigantino, 19
Positano (S) - Italia


  1. Yum! Those tomatoes make my mouth water. Sounds like a great place to eat.

  2. Wow what a life you are living! Great food, just lovely!

  3. Oh, that sea bass looks sooooo good! I love Chez Black--maybe we need to get back to Positano.

  4. Great suggestion -- your meal looks delicious!

  5. Looks like a great meal. I'd go back to the Amalfi coast JUST for a freshly made caprese salad with fine, ripe ingredients!


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