Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rome: Laura, Lara and his Purpleness . . .

I had a dream . . .
After a 4 year absence, I find myself in Rome. 
I secure my 5th return trip to Italy,
throwing my traditional coin into the Trevi Fountain 
I then weave my way to the Spanish Steps.   
They are beautiful
radiating in a deep purple glow. 
Down walks Laura Pausini.
Lara Fabian follows shortly behind.
Their voices fill the night
with a beautiful performance of La Salitudine.  
A guitar solo begins
A figure appears at the top of the steps.
Down walks his Purpleness (Prince).
The Cool One continues to play 
as the two popular artists 
conclude their performance.
The crowd erupts. 

It would be
an Italian Purple filled night in Rome 
to remember! 

It's wishful dreaming I know, but I read on Prince.org that Prince is apparently still in Europe recording. 

So I can Dream . . .  :)


  1. LOL Kathy, all I have to say is if you're gonna dream, dream BIG! Though wouldn't it be amazing if your paths did cross in Roma...

  2. Hi Annie, :) my motto too! He's apparently in Switzerland right now, but you just never know. :) He might have a connecting flight in Rome and might want to see the Spanish Steps before hopping on his flight back home. ha, ha.

  3. I agree with Annie -- why not dream big!!! Maybe you need to change your ticket to make sure your flights pass thru Zurich!

  4. Hi Sandra, yes I totally agree too. :) Hmmm, maybe I should have went with Swiss Air instead of KLM...I've never been to Zurich. :)


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