Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol: Season 10 begins not with a whimper but with a Whoo hoo . . .

Although Fox blanketed us with a lot of hype and star power as we enter the show's 10th season I had every reason to believe that it would be boring with so many changes and post Adam Lambert contestants.  I was sure that I would not enjoy last night's show, but to my surprise, I actually found myself laughing out loud and really enjoying the show. 

I like the songs of Aerosmith and Steven Tyler  but I had no idea he was so funny! :0 It was great watching him review the contestants and I found his quips and comments spot on and refreshing.  And I couldn't help but feel so bad for Jennifer Lopez when she had to tell her first contestant "no."  She almost looked like she was going to cry at one point and it looked very sincere and honest and I loved that. Of course, as the show went on, she became more comfortable at saying no especially to the less talented contestants.  It was great to have Randy Jackson back with his experience and to anchor the two newbie judges.  I enjoyed Season's 10 panel of judges so much that I actually found myself "not" missing Simon one bit.  I like that the new and reinvented Season 10 American Idol is attempting to focus more on the talent because that to me is what American Idol is all about. It's giving someone their shot at stardom.  Someone like Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson . . . could be out there.  And with that, I think the American Idol producers were successful in last night's American Idol Season 10 long awaited premier. 

And now to the contestants. I always enjoy watching the auditions shows because it's fun for me to pick out the "diamonds" in the rough and to see if they will actually make it to the final cuts. 

- Travis Orlando was my favorite. He and his family fell on hard times and had to stay in shelters in Bronx New York for years.  He has a wonderful voice and is naturally gifted and talented and I am really hoping he'll not only move on but make the final cut. 

- Caleb Hawley was up and sang Hallelujah, I Love Her So and got Steven Tyler drumming on the table.  I liked him a lot.

- Robbie Rosen, the 16 year old who was in a wheelchair when he was a child is also someone with not just a great feel good story but he has the talent to go far in this competition and I hope that he does.

- Melinda Ademi, the 16-year-old a war refugee from Kosovo and Victoria Huggins, the perky and sweet 16 year old from North Carolina are both very talented and I really hope they go far in this competition.

And now for the ones that got through which I think probably shouldn't have.  They are Ashley Sullivan (I would be shocked if she makes it past Hollywood) and Tiffany Rios (who so reminded me of Tatiana Del Toro).  :)

New Jersey did a great job in producing some very talented pool of contestants. Tonight is New Orleans and I may have to skip my spinning class tonight to stay home and watch it, because so far I'm liking Season 10! :)

And that's my first Recap for Season 10.  Keep on rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap Kathy! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would too, mainly because of Steven Tyler who is hilarious. The girl from NC was a little bit too perky, I thought, but I'm glad NC was represented. I think it's going to be a very interesting season!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for liking my recap. :) Wasn't Steven Tyler cool and so funny. I cracked up seeing all the AI censors, ha, ha.

    The girl from NC was indeed very perky. :) NC produces so many great talent, Anoop, Fantasia, Clay . . . So far I'm liking Season 10 and I think it will be a very interesting season too. :)

  3. And don't forgot Chris Daughtry, probably the best from NC!

    Yes, the censors were funny. He's just so off-the-wall with some of his comments and reactions. Great choice for a new judge.

  4. Hi Annie, you're soooo right. Thanks for reminding me about Chris and you are so right he is the best from NC Alumns. I can't wait to see what Steven does tonight and how many censors appear in tonight's show. :) I agree, he is a great choice for judge and will probably keep me interested as the season progresses. I love how he really gets into the performances with his expressions and screams. So entertaining and fun to watch.

  5. Kathy, I don't even watch AI but I enjoy reading your entries about it! You bring everyone to life with such insight, compassion and humour. What a great post! I'll be curious to see if your "diamonds" do make it through to the end!

  6. thank you for this review. I missed the show and hope to catch some of the future ones. Was so curious how the new judges would perform. You gave a great description. I'm anxious to tune in.

  7. Hi Anne & Barb, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my recaps. American Idol is kind of an obsession for me :). I'm not sure why but I find it entertaining and inspiring with some of the storylines and talent.

    Anne, I hope one of my diamonds make it too. That would be cool.

    Barb, the judges did pretty good. Like Annie, I'm really liking Steven Tyler a lot because he is so funny.


  8. Kathy: Thanks for the recap. I haven't been able to watch these shows, but your recaps give a great summary so when I get the time to watch I won't feel that much in the dark....


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