Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol: Nashville has a star in Lauren Alaina . . .

Nashville produces a star quality contestant in 15 year old Lauren Alaina at last night's auditions.  Inspired and motivated to start singing by her cousin Holly who 3 years ago was diagnosed with brain tumor and had to undergo chemo and radiation.  Thank you so much Holly for inspiring Lauren to sing and for encouraging her to tryout, giving AI one of their top contestants so far this season.  I think Lauren has the total package to go very far in this competition and I am a huge fan already. 

I especially loved her impromptu duet with Steven Tyler singing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, that left him almost speechless. Check out her audition while it lasts:  HERE

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. That duet was awesome, wasn't it?

    I have to say that the beautifu queen only had an average voice; it was funny that Jennifer voted no but the guys sent her through anyway.

    This was a good week, make me look forward to Hollywood week to hear more from some of these people.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hi K: Once again, a great review! Mahalo. I actually watched both shows (thanks to your past reviews), and agree she is very good nad the impromptu with her 'coaching' Tyler when to sing was a treasure. I was totally surprised with her kissing her beau at the end -- I thought he was someone else! What did you think about the first two/couple? Interesting story and great voices together and separate (altho I thought his was quite unique)!

  3. Hi Annie & M, thanks so much for your comments. It's more fun watching this season than I thought it would be. :)

    Annie, yes that duet was really awesome and you could really tell from Steven's expression that he was pretty surprised and very impressed with Lauren. I'm really hoping she makes it to final cut. And I loved seeing her cousin Holly well and healthy.And LOL the queen. Just like Bikini Girl who had a so so average voice, Beauty Queen got a pass. I doubt she makes it past Hollywood though, not with the other way more talented contestants to compete with. A very Happy Friday to you too!

    M, I'm so glad you were able to watch AI this week. I also loved the impromptu performance and actually played it back a few times it was so good. I assumed the same thing too. It's true that love have no boundaries. It's cool. I agree with you that he has a unique sound. She's good but I kind of think singing with him makes her sound better. It'll be very interesting what happens with the two of them. Kind of feel bad for the new boyfriend.

    There's some great contestants so far and it's shaping up to looking like a wonderful season (if all my favorites make it that is). :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Annie & M!


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