Friday, November 26, 2010

Amsterdam: It's cold here and colder still ....

Today is a gorgeous day in Amsterdam. Clear skies and sunny but cold.  No snow yet....while coming back from our tour we happen to pass by the famous Ice Bar and so today I thought I'd go check it out and also the flea market close by.

The Ice Bar  in Amsterdam is quite a unique experience. They serve you these delicious passion fruit vodka shots in this glass made of ice and then you put on these coats and gloves and go in to this bar where it is 10 degrees below zero.  Pretty cool or should I say cold. :)

I also visited the Flea Market that Marta mentioned in her wonderful Window Shopping in Amsterdam blog post.  I had to do a double take on the gas masks .

And now I want to find that Pancake Bakery restaurant...

Today is just gorgeous . . . .


  1. There is an Ice Bar in Sydney, but I've never gone in. It seems like it would be a good place to go on a hot summer day.

  2. It does look like a gorgeous day. I love the ice bar - passion fruit is my favorite so it sounds very interesting.

    I love your posts exploring the area and sharing your experiences.

  3. Hi Maya, cool that you have one in Sydney. I would definitely recommend it on a hot day down under. The bartender said that a lot of celebrities host private parties there. Pretty cool. :)

    Hi Marta, it was a surprisingly gorgeous day and the Ice bar was very cool in a freezing kind of way. I couldn't take photos inside, but everything is made of ice, the bar itself the walls, the stools. They have these fur things to sit on so we won't be sitting directly on the ice. And I'm not sure how they made those passion fruit shots but they were sooo good. I had four of them. My first one slipped right out of my hands the first time I took a sip. It was kind of embarassing and funny at the same time. I guess that will be my embarassing moment on this trip. He, he.

  4. How cool! OR should I say brrrr cold! I don't think I would last long inside. Good thing they provide coats and gloves.


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