Friday, November 26, 2010

Amsterdam: The finer things I found here . . .

Amsterdam for a very small compact city has so many attractions to enjoy and one of the things that clearly ranks right up there with the artistry of Van Gogh, the charming and beautiful canals, the firm architectural structures and the vibrant life style . . .  are the very good looking men of Amsterdam.

Fellow Slow Travelers, Shannon and Maya, commented on one of my posts about how very gorgeous and handsome the men are here in Amsterdam and after being here for 2 weeks I would have to agree with them 100%. So for all you single girls who happen to read my blog, you simply must plan a trip to Amsterdam soon. I just thought of this theme post only recently after reading Shannon's and Maya's comments, so didn't have much time to build up my collection. But I think you can get a little idea. :)


  1. This is my favorite post! ;) Yummmm...

  2. Whoa -- that's some fine photojournalism, Kathy! I had no idea Amsterdam had so many attractions!

    I especially like Bachelor #4, who is sitting behind the wheel (maybe of a bus?)

  3. Thank you so much Marta, Sandra and M.

    Yes, Bachelor # 4 was our bus driver for my tour on Wed. He is very cute. Now I know your taste in men Sandra. :)

    Thanks everyone...and thanks to Shannon and Maya for the great post idea. :)There are many more but I couldn't whip out my camera fast enough. Might have to do a Berlin post too and then compare. He he.

  4. Ha ha ha! What a great collection. I'll take Bachelor #1 his little pony tail.

    I saw some distinquished senior citizen gentlemen in Venice...nothing like this!

  5. Finally trying to catch up... oooh la la! This post cracks me up! I think I would go for Bachelor #1 at the train station. He looks so mysterious!


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