Saturday, October 16, 2010

PhotoHunt: Miniature

Say it with a miniature . . .

This is a photo I took at the breakfast room in my hotel in Salzburg (2006). I thought it was so creative that the hotel staff placed a miniature cow, goat and sheep to indicate the different kinds of cheeses to choose from.

No matter what language we all spoke, we had no problems identifying which cheeses came from what animal.  I picked from the miniature cow tray.  :)

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  1. That is a great idea. No worry about translating. And cute little miniatures.

  2. Pretty cool signs they have there...

    I am back to photo hunting. :)

  3. What a clever idea. I love all kinds of cheese so that buffet is making me hungry! Great take on the miniature theme!

  4. Adorable and so fitting for the theme.

  5. SUch a cool concept and post. Lots of memories! Love this idea for this week's theme. Hope you busy planning..

  6. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Hi Marta, definitely no worries translating. I think even young guests who can't read yet will know their animals. :)

    Hi Eden, yes they are pretty cool "signs" :) Glad you're back to photohunting...

    H Annie, I'm glad you liked my take. Their food was delicious too, especially their pastries. You and me both would be hungry if I had taken a wider angle shot of the food they had. :)

    Hi Barb, thanks for liking my selection for the theme. I couldn't decide which way to go until I remember the miniature animals on this photo.

    Hi M, thanks for liking my theme. It really was such a cool way to label the cheese. Kudos to them. I'm still hanging in there with the planning. I've been nursing a cold which I caught on Friday but the good news is at least I'm getting more trip planning done since I can't go out. :)

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments. I enjoyed this theme. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. Hi Kathy, when I first looked at your photo I thought you had picked miniature slices of cheese--then I saw the little animals. What a creative way to label the food and very useful for those who dislike goat products. I would have had a hard time trying to decide which cheese to taste and would have been tempted to go with one of each!

  8. Hi Maya, :) the cheese thing would've been cool too. I'm glad you liked my take. I thought they were very creative with the labeling using miniatures. It was a very nice selection of cheeses to pick from.

    Thanks so much for your comments and hope you have a great week.


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