Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel Thoughts: The possibilities are endless . . .

As usual, this year my friends and I visited the Annual Travel Show here where I live. Being there always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I have this intense desire to "want" everything! The possibilities of places to see and things to do were just endless.

They had so much information . . .

Thought of Anne (Let Us Go, Then You and I) when I came across this booth . . .

They had demonstration activites to entice you . . .

But what really caught my eye was the huge interactive trailer from the Italy Tourism Office . . .

Thought of all my blogging buddies who love Italy. Thought especially of Sandra (A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With Too Much Luggage) when I came across this interactive screen . . .

TGFI! "Thank God For Italy" :)


  1. Thank you for this post. Where is this held? I would love to attend some time. Looks like great fun.

  2. Kathy, you are so right! TGFI!!! I would also be like a kid in a candy shop at a travel show like this.

    I have been such a bad blogger lately -- work has been stressful and I've been distracted. But I want to post more travel plans because I know how much I enjoy reading about other people's travel (such as your trip to Scotland!)

  3. Hi Barb, thanks so much for your comments and you are very welcome. This is the LA times Travel show and it is held in the LA Convention Center. Here's the link that can provide more details:

    Last year they had Samantha Brown as the guest speaker and this year they had Huel Houser.I Looks like it will be held the 3rd week in March next year. I hope I can make it again, because it is so much fun.

    Hi Sandra, Oh yes, TGFI! :) If only I could win the lotto and travel to all of the places I learned about. I always love reading your blog entries, but you shouldn't feel bad about not blogging lately. I'm sorry to hear about the stress at work. I can sort of relate to that feeling a little these days, but thinking and dreaming of travel always gets me through some work stress days. I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip when you have the time and maybe hopefully a few entries while you are in Italy (if you have time). I think Bugalu is there now and I think Jerry is heading out soon too. Like you, I love reading about everyone's trips. Hope things settle for you at work. Soon you'll be in Italy and enjoying the beautiful art, the fine wine and the warmth of the Italian people. Fun!

    Thanks again Barb and Sandra, hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

  4. This looks like it was fun as well as informative. I know what you mean about being a kid in a candy store when it comes to travel shows..the adrenalin starts pulsing! m

  5. Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. It was really fun and informative. I'm always on the hunt for inspiration. Yes, I know about that pulsating feeling. I get so overwhelmed with so many places that I have yet to see. :)

    Have a great week! American Idol Finale week! Whoo hoo...

  6. I would love to go to a travel show like that! But sometimes when you get TMI, it is hard to make a choice.

    I too am awaiting my lotto win to visit all of the places I want to go.

  7. Hi Nancy, I agree with you. TMI can be an overwhelming feeling and there were a lot of really fascinating places and we all got some interesting ideas and tips. My friend cracked me up because she had to stand in line to talk to Huel Houser and tell him that because of his show we all hiked up to the Yosemite Half dome and the funny thing is he also talked about that crazy overhang section on the dome which was one of our more unforgettable moments.

    And I agree with you, a nice Lotto win would be nice. :)

  8. How cool to get to go to this every year! Great post!

  9. Hi Girasoli, yes it is fun event to attend. Lot's of information and some inspiration. Althought I'd have to say my biggest inspirations have come from Slow Travelers and all of you.


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