Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Cyrstal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze compete for the title of "American Idol" . . .

Tonight, the hopes and dreams of an Idol will come true as Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze compete in the Finale show for Season 9.

I've made it no secrete that I have been a big fan of Crystal throughout at least the top 12 and I want her to win. But Lee and Crystal are very talented and they both deserved to be in tonight's finale. So who will be this Season’s American Idol?

They both sang three songs each and here's how I thought tonight's fabulous finale showdown went:

Lee starts off with Simon & Garfunkel The Boxer , which he sang during Inspirational week. I thought he did great, but I kind of understand Randy’s and Simon’s comments. It was a very good performance, but not a really exciting experience.

Crystal opens up with Me and Bobbie McGee from Billboard # 1 Week. I loved her performance then and I loved her performance tonight.

Round One – I’d give Crystal a slight edge, but Lee was good too.

Lee starts round two with R.E.M.'S Everybody Hurts. I love the song choice and I thought Lee did good, but was it good enough? I’d have to agree with the judges. I think he needs to open it up more and leave everything on the stage.

Crystal tackles round two with Alannah Myles' Black Velvet and all I can say is wow! I think people are going to totally start comparing great singers of the future to Crystal Bowersox. She has such a powerful voice.

Round Two: I’d give Crystal a bigger edge . . .

And finally, for his final song in the competition, Lee sings U2's Beautiful Day, a song not particularly suited for his style. I thought it was a very good performance, but I can't help but feel that he could've done something really special with a better song choice for him.

For her final song, Crystal sings Patty Griffin's Up To The Mountain. "Peaceful Valley just over the mountain . . . It’s been a long time coming . . .it’s there I will go." It was a beautiful, soulful, bluesy, gospel and emotional performance. And to borrow Simon's last critique of the season, "Outstanding".

Round Three: Definitely Crystal . . .

And so the season which started with a whimper ends in a bang and exclamation mark. Good luck to both Crystal and Lee! I won't make any predictions, but I'm sure you can guess who I'm pulling for to win and who I voted for over and over tonight! :) And a big thank you to Simon Cowell for nine years on American Idol. I would say among all the judges Simon's critiques have been I think the most honest and spot on over the years and he will be very missed.

I hope that all the top Idols go on to have very successful careers. I think Simon and Randy said it well, the beauty of this show and why I love it so much is that it gives these talented young artists a great opportunity to break into the music industry. A shot to make their dreams come true ... and I hope that they do for all of them.

I want to thank everyone so much for reading and also commenting with your wonderful insights. It's been a lot of fun!

And that's my Final Recap! Keep on Rocking AI.


  1. Hi K: I got goosebumps (chicken skin) reading your summary. I agree with all you said. I am torn because I do think Crystal came out 'fightin' to win. I love Lee and think the win could make him into a star. I think Crystal will be a star whether or not she wins this contest. IMO, she outshone them all. I do think the selections for Lee were weak and although they suited his voice, did not provide him a ability to be as flexible with the melodies as Crystal's. I thought the U2 was a vanilla choice for him. I do give him praise for singing The Boxer, but then again, I've always liked that song. So, I agree that Crystal took it last night. Think Lee is as deserving and hope they both are extremely successful in doing what they are loving to do because they are great artists. Thanks for your assessment. Looking forward to tonight - although it will be a tough choice with the Celtics playing :-)

  2. Hi M, thanks so much for liking my recap. I agree with you aBout the Idol title being more beneficial for Lee. I think he reaaly has grown the most in this competitio and win or lose I can safely say that won't be selling paint anymore. And I can also safely say that Crystal won't be performing in Chicago subways either and good for both of them.

    I'm looking forward to tonight's results shoe too! Last night it was the lakers game for me too but idol won that contest by a mile. :). Thanks again for all of your comments and insights. It was totally fun.

  3. To me, Lee is so much like Kris who won last year. Talented boy next door but he doesn't blow me away and I would never buy his album. Crystal is so much more interesting and talented. She definitely "won" last night, but I think that Lee will win it all, mainly because of all the teenage girls who vote over and over on Idol. But as Adam Lambert proved, coming in second place isn't such a bad thing.

    It is going to be so weird to say good bye to Simon tonight! I hope they do a video retrospective of his greatest moments. The show will never be the same without him!

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I thought Crystal won it too and as you said it still isn't a lock to win because Lee does have a strong following and like Kris he does have that really nice boy next door kind of quality about him. I agree that top two no matter who wins will give an equal boost for both Lee and Crystal, but I do hope that Crystal wins the title and we haven't had a female win since I think Fantasia.

    Tonight's show will be fun because of the results but it will be extra special because it is Simon's last show. I think I agreed with him more than disagreed with him. You're so right, AI sure won't be the same without him.

    Thanks again for all of your comments and insights. It has been so much fun. Hope you and M enjoy the show tonight.

  5. ohhh-will have to check how the Lakers are doing - maybe a Celtics/Laker match up like in bygone days:-)

  6. Hi M, ooh wouldn't that be nice! Bird, Magic, Mchale, Worthy . . . those were some of the greatest series in NBA history. I'm a little worried that the suns tied us up! eek.

    I'm watching the Celtics now while I'm waiting in anticipation for the results show and they seem to be doing really well. Go Celtics and Go Lakers. :)



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