Monday, April 5, 2010

Travel Thoughts: Let Kindness be your guide . . .

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people. ~ Mother Theresa

Time permitting, I thought it would be fun to start writing some periodic themed posts and for my first topic I wanted to write about brief encounters of kindness while traveling. Some of these moments are no more than a few minutes, but the impact of these moments will last me a life time.

Here are some of my more memorable encounters:

2005 the car rental guy goes out of his way to escort me and my friend to the edge of town in Siena so we wouldn't get lost;

2006 on my first big Solo trip I was trying to find my way to the Old Town in Prague, a local resident literally touches my arm and showed me the way;

2007 a shop owner (aka Italy mom) in Venice Italy made me feel so comfortable and looked after;

2008 a local gentleman in Seville Spain takes the time to lecture me on the pleasures of drinking local Spanish coffee rather than my American Grande Starbucks coffee;

2009 in Arisaig Scotland, the bartender/waitress was a nice girl from Thailand who was working there as part of her school. She took the time to share some of the area's beautiful sights. I also shared what I had read on Candi's Corner: Wanderlust & Passions blog about her experiences in Thailand like the beautiful temples and the elephant sanctuary, which she really enjoyed listening to.

But kindness goes both ways. While in Arisaig, I was on my way to sight see when I saw this couple walking in this heavy down pour and carrying their luggage. It didn't seem right to drive right past, so I pulled over and offered them a ride. They accepted and hopped in. It turns out that they were staying at my hotel too and they were on their way to the train station to go back to Glasgow. I told them I had just come from Glasgow and we enjoyed a nice chat before I dropped them off. What a coincidence.

So it's true . . . the world is a much better place with a lot more kindness in it.


  1. No truer words, Kathy. It doesn't take much/cost much either. A nice reminder. M

  2. I love all that you have shared. It's amazing the kindness of strangers when you are on the road travelling. I have tried to repay those that have shown me similar kindnesses that you described in the way that I could. That was to try and pass it to others that I encountered from time to time in our own country. I loved your stories and the lovely quote. I also love the title of this post. Let kindness be your guide...such nice words to live by.

  3. Hi Flygirl, thanks so much for your comments. I agree with you, it doesn't take/cost much and it can be the simplist of gesture. Sometimes it was just the simplist things that people did that I took to be huge and the most kindest....

    Hi Barb, I'm glad you liked my post. I have been really lucky while traveling. And what you said is so true. I remember this one time I did something for someone and when they asked how to repay. I just said to pass it on to someone they saw who needs it...

    Thanks so much Flygirl and Barb. Have a great day today.

  4. I find that the memories of kind people I've met traveling stay much longer in memory, than anything bad that happens. I also find that kindness breeds kindness; when someone treats me well, the overwhelming impulse is to pass it on!

    Lovely post, Kathy, thanks!

  5. Hi Sandra, you are so right. I think the kindness that finds us while traveling definitely overrides the little bumps in the road we may encounter while traveling. I love your comment about "kindness breeds kindness". I so feel the same way.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I enjoyed writing it a lot. Thanks Sandra. Hope your trip planning is going well for you.

  6. Kathy, I love your title. What wonderful memories you have. I can't believe you remember all the dates--I barely know what day it is today. You have made me want to sit down and write about some of the kind people that I have crossed in my journey through life. Thank you for sharing and for the motivation.
    P.S.--I have to agree with the local gentleman in Sevilla.

  7. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my post and memories. It would be cool if you can journal about your special moments too. But the great thing about these memories is they seem to stay with us forever.

    And the gentleman in Sevilla and you are so right. I had Spanish coffee every day after that day for the rest of my trip and I was a very happy person for it.

    Thanks again for your comments. Have a great weekend!

  8. Wonderful post, Kathy. You have gotten to the heart of it all, in my mind. The kindness of strangers (and loved ones) makes the world go round. I've encountered some angels on my travels too, and what a blessing and welcoming feeling to be shown such kindness. Thanks for these uplifting thoughts!

  9. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your comments. I like that phrase of encountering angels while traveling. It's amazing how spreading kindess around can make life so much better for us and others. It's all very cool!

    Thanks again for your comments and I hope you a lot kindness and love to surround you and those around you. From reading your recent posts it looks like it does.

  10. Great post! I also believe that kindness is so important. I know we try to teach this in school. Not sure where things go wrong.

    I think some of my best memories of my time in Italy all have to do with the kindness of another.

  11. Kindness is meant to be passed on. Thank you for reminding us.


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