Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9: John Lennon, Paul McCartney (Beatles) songs . . .

This week the Idols pick songs written by two of the most talented song writing duo of all times, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. To start things off a message from Sir Paul himself telling the Idols "I just want to wish the final contestants the very best of luck...Get out there, Go for it, Enjoy Yourselves." Very cool!

So who's going to step it up and make one of these classic songs "their own." Well, here's how it went:

Aaron Kelly opens the show and sings The Long and Winding Road. I liked his song choice but he seemed a little shaky to me and I didn't think it was his best performance in the competition.

Katie Stevens sings Let It Be and I loved it. First of all, this is one of my favorite Beatle songs and I thought she sang it beautifully. She has always been in the bottom three each week for me, but I really thought she nailed that song. Great job!

Andrew Garcia sings Can't Buy Me Love. He received mixed reviews from the judges, but I really liked his performance. He changed it just enough to make it his own.

Michael Lynche sings Eleanor Rigby and although I'm a great fan of Michael I'm sort of with Simon. I thought it was okay but it wasn't one of my favorite performances for him. I think Big Mike says the 2nd best quote of the evening challenging Simon to a pec contest. :) My favorite line has to be from Ellen after Andrew's performance, "You can buy love".

Crystal Bowersox sing Come Together and to add a little something, something to her performance, she brings someone in to play the didgeridoo which is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians to her performance. I just totally loved it! She is such an awesome and talented artist. And did I mention that she is recovering from a cold! Mama sox did great!

Tim Urban sings All My Loving. I agree with Ellen that this is probably his second best performance in the competition. He received a lot of compliments and Kudos from the judges for taking the criticisms (and there has been a truck load of them) "like a man" and I agree.

Casey James performs John Lennon's Jealous Guy and I thought it was his best performance in the competition and the best performance so far in the night. Very soulful, bluesy, emotional and incredibly believable. I loved the chello accompaniment and his acoustic guitar change up.

Siobhan Magnus performs Across the Universe . I really like Siobhan and her uniqueness. I really enjoyed her performance. It was very touching hearing her talk about her sisters and how no one can take who she is away from her. Very tearful and emotional statement.

Lee DeWyze sings one my favorite Beatle songs, Hey Jude. Lee has become one of my favorite contestants. It was cute listening to his fellow Idols talk about him as a worry wart and his close friendship with Andrew. I thought he did great. And being that I just came back from visiting Scotland, I loved the bagpipes at the end.

And here's how I would rate the performances:

1. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox (Just voted 20 times)
3. Lee DeWyze
4. Katie Stevens
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Michael Lynche
7. Andrew Garcia
8. Tim Urban
9. Aaron Kelly

BTW, next week Adam Lambert returns to the Idol stage to mentor the top 8 Idol contestants. Like fellow Adam Lambert fan, FoxVegas, I'm very excited to see Adam again and I am looking forward to hearing his tips to the idols.

And that's my Recap: Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Thanks for the recap; I only saw the first hour of last night's show and it sounds like I missed some of the better performances. Glad to learn that Adam will be back next week!

    No idea who will go home tonight, but maybe it will be one of the 16 year olds?

  2. Kathy: I agree with your assessment 200% - Tonight should be interesting. PS: Do you think the judges' are more animated this season for ratings or do you think their bickering is for real? Just wondering out loud. M

  3. Hi Annie, you're very welcome. I'm sorry that you missed the first part of the show. Yes it's cool about Adam. It will be great to see him on stage again. This part of the competition is getting harder to see the idols exit as they have come so far. Good luck to all of them.

    Hi M, :) I'm glad we saw it the same way. It was a really fun show last night as I thought the contestants really stepped it up. I think AI is trying really hard to change things up a lot this season like the backstage clips and on last night's show the Idols telling little personality insights into each other. I giggled with Crystal's comment about Lee and Andrew. It's great to see how much the Idols really have fun and know each other behind the scenes. Something new that I really like. I agree that the judges are more animated and I do think some of their bickering are kind of real but nothing personal I don't think. Interesting point. I think without Simon next year they may be trying to do more this year to keep the viewers interested so we'll return next season. :)

    btw, I like to wonder out loud too myself. :)

    Thanks Annie & M for your comments. Have a great day today.


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