Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Adam Lambert returns to the beat of a King . . .

Tonight Adam Lambert returns to the Idol stage on Elvis night! The first AI contestant to be invited back as a mentor in Idol history. How cool is that! First, Adam looks great and I loved his mentoring advice to the contestants. He has so far been the best mentor this season.

And here's how the night went:

Crystal Bowersox sings Saved, an Elvis song that I have not really heard of before. I totally loved her high energy. And I don't mind sounding like a broken record, she totally rocked...in a bluesy gospel kind of way!

Andrew Garcia performs Hound Dog , a classic Elvis song. It wasn't the home run hit of the competition like Straight Up was but I have to agree with Ellen. I liked his performance and what he did with the song. But I'm afraid with the negative comments from three out of the four judges, he could sadly be in the bottom three.

Tim Urban sings Can't Help Falling in Love and I thought it was pretty good. I wasn't "in Love" with it as much as the judges were, but I think he'll get a truck load of votes.

Lee DeWyze sings Treat Her Like a Lady and I loved it. I thought Adam gave him really great advice which improved his performance on stage. He has now become my second favorite next to Crystal.

Aaron Kelly performs Blue Suede Shoes and although he didn't have the great hip action moves as Elvis did, I thought he sang it pretty well. Tonight's performance was so much better than last week.

Siobhan Magnus performs Suspicious Minds and although she received some criticisms from the judges, I thought she was pretty good. I still really like her.

Michael Lynche sings In the Ghetto and nails it! One of my favorite Elvis songs and he did sang it so beautifully. I'm so glad he was saved.

Katie Stevens performs Baby What You Want Me to Do and she totally sold it in a sassy great vocals kind of way! Ellen's one liner was too funny. :)

Casey James sings Lawdy Miss Clawdy which is an upbeat bluesy kind of song. I thought it was okay but I loved his performance last week much better.

My favorite performances were: Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Michael Lynche

My least favorite performances were: Sorry, but I can't really say that I disliked any of the performances.

And since the judges used their one and only save on Michael Lynche last week, there will be two Idols going home this week so I'm keeping my comments short so I can burn my redial button voting like crazy for Crystal.

Thanks Adam. You did great! I will be tuning in to watch Adam's performance on the results show. Now, off I go to start voting! Remember, Crystal Bowersox (866) 436-5701.

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. I agree that Adam was a great mentor and I can't wait to hear him perform tonight. Crystal was the only one who really blew me away last night so I hope that she will be safe (feel sure that she will be). Glad you voted for her.

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I agree so much with you that Crystal was great. I really loved her cool guitar too. Adam, to me, was the best mentor so far. So genuine and helpful in his tips. I can't wait to see him perform tonight also. It will be so sad to see two Idols leave tonight. I probably voted about 40 times for Crystal. :)

    Have a great day today.

  3. Kathy,
    I didn't see AI, but I enjoyed reading your recap. Thanks.

  4. Hi Candi, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my recap. I enjoy writing it. Btw, your favorite Casey James is still in the competition and has done really well especially last week.

    Thanks so much for our comments and have a great weekend.


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