Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scotland: Reflections . . .

Although it's been several months now since I have returned, I can still remember my trip to Scotland with such clarity...

I can remember the amazing Quairiang, the majestic Cuillin Hills, I can smile at the cute fluffy sheep I saw stroll across the single track roads or along the beautiful hills, I can remember those beautiful long haired Highland cows and marvel at the beauty and harshness of the Highlands...I can appreciate the long history and remember the warmth and friendliness of the people of Scotland.

I'm pretty positive that I will always be able to reflect back on my trip for years to come with a sense of joy and a desire to return. I want to once again thank Slow Travel Founder, Pauline Kenny (Slow Europe), Slow Travel and the wonderful community of Slow Travelers and my blogging friends for the inspiration for making this trip the success that it was. Thank you so much . . .

Hope you enjoy my traditional trip video. :) I also wanted to post that I'll be taking a blogging break for a while. My best to all of you and I hope to return soon. Take care...


  1. Love reading what you have to say about Scotland. :)

  2. Love the video!
    Have a great break!

  3. Hi Leslie, I'm glad you like it! :) I always enjoy creating them. Great way to remember my trips...thanks for your comments and have a great day and take care.

    Hi Candi, I'm glad you loved the video. I loved making it! Thanks for your comments. Have a great weekend and take care.

  4. Hey K: Loved the video AND the song - not sure I know that song!

    Have a great break - y'all come back ya'hear! m

  5. Wonderful video, Kathy. And I loved seeing that cute Ringo Starr cow again (so fab!) The theme song is also beautiful, I especially liked the first version.

    Enjoy your break, hope to see you blogging again soon!

  6. Amazing video, Kathy! I love that little church at the 0.40 mark, and the scenery around 1.40 is stunning. Oh who am I kidding, it is ALL stunning!! I want to go there!

    I will miss you while you're on your blogging break. Take care, my friend, and hope to see you back before too long :)

  7. Lovely video, Kathy! Loved seeing some of the beautiful images you shared with us while you were traveling. I smiled when I saw the Highland cow with the long bangs. So cute!

    Take care and enjoy your break from blogging. :)

  8. Hi Kathy, I can see why you said that my description of flying over central NZ reminded you of Scotland. The landscape is very similar.
    Have a good break and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

  9. Trips can have such a long lasting affect on us. We did a trip to the Cotswolds last summer that was the best trip we have ever done - after all these years of traveling. There was just something perfect and peaceful about that trip and I keep thinking back to it. Sounds like your Scotland trip was the same. Thanks for the mention of my new website!

  10. Wonderful video. Great photos and memories to cherish. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care on your break. We will miss you.

  11. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for all of your comments. Glad you liked my video...

    Hi M, the song is called Caledonia by Dougie Maclean. It's an awesome song and I loved it the first time I learned of it during my pre-trip research so I just had to use it for my post trip video. :) Can't wait to get back there. Thanks so much for your comments.

    Hi Sandra, glad you liked my video. I love my Ringo Starr Cow too! :) The song is so Scotland to me and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked the first version too. I heard it on a YouTube video that I found during my pre-trip research and knew this would be the song I would use in my video when I got back from my trip. Thanks so much for your comments.

    Hi Anne, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Glad you liked the church photo. I think I know which scene you are talking about and I agree with you. I actually forgot to add a few things on there so I revised it. I just couldn't leave certain scenes and experiences out. :) All of Scotland is just beautiful and I hope that you will visit it too. I think you would enjoy Scotland a lot. Thanks you so much for your comments.

    Hi Maria, I'm so glad to have read that you are getting back to blogging. I've missed reading your wonderful posts. I'm sorry that I have to take a break just when you return. I love my Highland cow, long bangs and all. Because of one of Sandra's comments I keep picturing a hair barrette on him/her. :) Thanks so much for your comments and enjoy your return to blogging.

    Hi Maya, I'm so glad you think the same way. Your description reminded me so much of what I saw especially on the Isle of Skye (Southern peninsula). It's raw and beautiful both at the same time. Just loved seeing it in person, so I can imagine what a great experience your visit to NZ was like. I'm looking forward to catching up on your NZ entries and all of my favorite bloggers entries when I get back from my little break. Thanks so much for your comments.

    Hi Pauline, ever since I started to slow travel (thanks so much to you) my memories of my trip comes from some place so much more deeper than just snap shots in an album. The experiences are far more memorable and special. The Cotswolds sounds like a really beautiful and lovely place and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I will definitely remember my trip to Scotland for many years and I really do hope to return one day. I really like your new website and I really am enjoying staying in apartments/vacation rentals more and more each trip I take. There's so many benefits. Thanks so much again for giving all of us a better way to travel and for continuing to provide us with so many wonderful resources.

    Hi Girasoli, glad you enjoyed my video. I loved making it. And you're right they do provide great memories to cherish for many years. Plus it gives me the chance to share with others looking for YouTube videos a bit of why I love Scotland through my eyes .... slipping my blog motto in here. :) thanks so much for your comments. I'll miss you all too.

    Thanks again everyone. Take care...

  12. Have a good blog break and dont' work too hard. I didn't see Idol at all last week and am so out of the loop. Hope I'll have time to watch this week.

  13. Hi Annie, it seems that most of us have been behind on Idol. Here's a really good link for Idol recaps (if you're interested):

    It will catch you up pretty quickly. Meanwhile, here's a mini recap for you. The girls are much stronger (and diverse in style) this year. M and I really like Cyrstal Bowersox,Siobhan Magnus, and Lilly Scott. Candi likes Casey James. I like him too but others to look for is Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban, Alex Lambert. I hope this helps.

    Thanks so much for your comments. I'll try not to work too hard. Take care.


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